Mouth Watering Macro

My I Heart Macro post today is a little scattered (go figure.)

First, I want to let y'all know that I am still working on/contemplating getting the craft room reorganized and designed. I've got paint chips of the colors I like sitting around all over the house and even in my car. Since I won't be painting the walls, these are my color picks for the furniture and accessories.
What'cha think?

Secondly, Pat and I went to a the Tin Top Restaurant in Bon Secour. We happened to luck up and hit the place right at lunchtime when it was crazy packed. We sat at the bar and just chilled. Apparently, because of "our patience", we received a complementary half dozen of their "Dirty Dozen Oysters." 
Typically, I'm not much of an oyster-eater. However, these oysters that were baked, covered in crawfish sauce, ham, and cheese were DELICIOUS. I may be a convert!


  1. Yum! I love oysters and crawfish. I never thought of combining the two. I bet they were delicious! I like your color choices for your craft room redo.

  2. Those oysters look incredible and to hear they were covered in crawfish sauce?! oh my....

  3. Love the colors of the paint chips and the oyster photo is interesting but you couldn't get me to eat them on a dare :) Have a great day!

  4. Your paint colors looks so vibrant and perfect for a creative space. I'm sorry I'm not an oyster eater, but they do look tasty and that was cool that you got a complementary appetizer!
    I hope to post my Macro shots tonight....

  5. Like I said, I'm not much of an oyster eater either. However, those were baked and covered with cheese. . .nowhere near as slimy as you think.

    I'm glad y'all like the paint colors!!

  6. You had me at oysters! I love them!!! Paint chip colors are fab!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting Kathy. I'm so glad you liked both!! :)

  8. Holy cow! Those oysters look sooo delicious!!!

  9. I LOVE oysters..but au naturel is my taste.
    The colors are gorgeous..just go with your is YOUR space! It is nice to have a color you love.

  10. I love that paint chip pic! Way cool! But yeah, I'll take a pass on the oysters, thank you... LOL ;)

  11. Ooh, love the colors! I want to feature your studio when you're done!

    Oysters. Never been a fan, but these sound pretty hard to pass up. Great pic.

  12. EJ- They were fabulous (this coming from a girl who despised them previously!) ;)

    Jenni- Oh, that's just my RANGE of colors. I'm keeping the walls a pale green and so the other accents/accessories are what will get painted and bought in those colors, hopefully!

    Holly- I'm glad you like the colors. I keep wondering if I've picked too many colors or if they clash. The positive input really spurs me along!

    Lori- If I EVER get done, it would be an honor to have you feature me. I keep turning up empty handed on my thrift store furniture trips. sigh. Yeah, free oysters smothered in cheese was definitely hard to pass up!!

  13. Okay, so once they put all that cheese, ham, and sauce all over them...they stopped being oysters!!!! ;-)

  14. G! Says you! You know I wouldn't have eaten the oysters had they not been covered in all that deliciousness first. You eat them your way and I'll eat them mine ;P
    Love ya!


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