The Heat is ON

When I got into my car yesterday afternoon to head to the craft store, the temperature gauge on my dash read 103 degrees. Let me repeat that in case you are hard of reading. It was ONE HUNDRED AND THREE DEGREES yesterday. It was only the first of June. The first day of summer is not for a few more weeks. . .OH DEAR!!!!

My grass looks like this

And, we've already had the air conditioning company out to check on the A/C

sigh. . .It's going to be a LONG, HOT summer.

At least I have some new craft supplies to keep me company as I hide away in the craft room.
New "Facets" from Tim Holtz at Michael's


Colorful Shell Beads

Perhaps I can kick out some more new jewelry pieces.
Until then, here's another re-listed item.
Copper Calla Lily Earrings
If you can believe it, I'm off to make some steaming hot potato SOUP. Yup soup, I think the heat has already gotten to me.


  1. I think we were at 93 yesterday with what felt like 100% humidity : P I don't know how you get anything done!

  2. lol, I hear ya. it's hot here too! enjoy your new goodies -- love the Copper Calla Lily Earrings :)

  3. Patty - Oh yeah! The humidity here was awful too. It felt like a sauna inside a hot tub. You could almost swim through the air yesterday it was so thick! I try to stay inside as much as possible.

    Heidi - I hope you've got some tips on how to overcome the heat! Yeah, those earrings are beauties!

  4. It's been 102 here and our A/C is on its last leg. We were scared to turn it on until yesterday, but it got too hot so we gave it a try.
    It's going to be looooooooong hoooooooooottt summer *yikes*

  5. Bibi- Well, you definitely know what I'm talking about.
    I can't believe you just now turned on your A/C. Ours has been on for months!

  6. Oh, goodness... and I thought it was hot here yesterday! Geeze... But, mmm, those icy faceted Tim Holtz pieces look wonderful! I haven't seen those yet, but I did grab some different packets of the Bead Landing Bezels, Frames and Filigrees---they are wonderful and just a pleasure to work with! You will love them. :D Those earrings are very pretty; they remind me of India for some reason. Hope you find ways to stay cool in the summery days to come!

  7. Jacinta- Oh yeah, Tim's got a whole selection of new items at Michael's. I finally settled on these but left the empty pocketwatch, the reinforcer stickers, the glass bottles, and a few other items behind (for now.) I might break out the resin the afternoon to play with my new bezels. I do like that new line from them, some of the other ones are less DIY and I'm not as big a fan.
    Thank goodness for a working A/C!! :D


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