Muffin Tin Jewelry Time!!

Oh yeah. . .it's Muffin Tin Jewelry reveal time.

You may remember that Art Bead Scene put out a one week, 12 project challenge to be organized into a muffin tin. I started the challenge a bit late and even when the rules were relaxed to 6 projects, I still chugged on to get my twelve completed.

I started with a 12-cup muffin tin. I actually had to go out and purchase one as I had recently disposed of my nasty, crusty, rusty, old one and was just using a 6-cupper.

Then, I started filling my cups.
For me, the first step to this was selecting focal beads for each of the twelve spots.

After that was done, I added complementary beads.

Finally, my task was to select the findings and wire for the projects.

Let me admit that filling the cups was the biggest hurdle in the whole challenge. Once that was complete, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do. I simply had to carve out the time to get the work done.

At last, here's the reveal of what was in each of the cups and what I made from it (clicking on the pictures will make them larger)
Cup one
Cup two (this one took me the longest as I had to resin the focal and three of the accent beads first)

Cup three
Cup four
Cup five (don't you just love that little hedgehog?)
Cup six
Cup seven
Cup eight (the focal is polymer clay)
Cup nine
Cup ten (took the longest to actually work with my hands, but is my favorite. . . I guess I just had time to bond with it!)
Cup eleven
Cup twelve (yes, that's the same focal. It's just two-sided)

Looking back over this challenge and realizing that I got twelve pieces made in way less than a week has left me with a sense of accomplishment. I'm seriously considering taking up this muffin-tin method as a weekly ritual. . .or semi-weekly ritual. I really liked the fact that once everything was in the cups, I knew exactly what I had to do. The figuring out and fretting was over. When I walked into my craft room each day of the challenge I knew exactly what needed to be done. There was no staring blankly at beads or rummaging through drawers and bins (at least not after the first day.) And the whole tin was easily transportable into the living room or any other area I wanted to work. Even though the pressure was on to get the projects done by today's deadline, there was very little stress involved. In addition, this would be a great method to use when preparing for a trip or vacation.

I could probably go on about how much I enjoyed this, but I also need to mention that it helped me recognize how easy it is to forget about the little things you need in a bead design. . .the seed beads, the jump rings, crimp beads, clasps, etc. I found a few times as I worked on a project that I had left out a small thing and had to deviate from my muffin cup to get what I needed to complete a piece.

All in all, I really had a great time and thank Heather for extending this challenge to us. Even if I don't win the prize, I'm so glad I got to participate. Thanks!


  1. Standing up and applauding!!! This was my favorite post of the group! I love how you broke down filling the cups, and showed each piece at the beginning and the end. I agree- this is a brilliant way to organize your studio time, and I will be continuing it as well! Awesome, Hope!

  2. I'm so very glad you like my contribution. Now I'm off to check out how everyone else coped with the challenge. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I agree You did a great job Hope!!! I felt so rushed during the whole thing and only got 10 done. Even when I filled mine I dumped in what I could get my hands on first! You did such a neat organized set up! Bravo my friend!!!

  4. Thanks Patty! I haven't made it over to your post yet (I'm working on it), but I'm sure your ten projects are amazing. Besides, we ended up only HAVING to have six complete. So, you met the goal! I couldn't imagine getting it done at all with four boys on the loose ;)

  5. You cooked up some beauties! And you got some new kitchen equipment out of it, too ;-)

  6. Bobbie- Thanks. (Un)fortunately, I think the tin might stay in the craft room for the time being. . .I like using it now!

  7. Congratulations on getting all 12 projects completed Hope, they are beautiful as always. I like how you used buttons, in my packing I found a box of old buttons that someone gave me a long time ago.

  8. Oh my, girl, I so loved how you set this post up! Seeing both the before and after really was a great help. And your stuff is gorgeous, of course! I love that last necklace... And I'm right there with you, I can't tell you how many times I needed "one last thing" from my stash to round out the muffin tins! Wasn't this a fun challenge?

  9. I really like the way you organized your post especially with the before and after shots of the muffin tins. And I love the way you include buttons. So cool!

    I think I'm going to do the muffin tin on a regular basis. It's easy just to pick it up when you have a few minutes.

  10. My fav is cup 10 too! Love it!

  11. lovely pieces, i'm loving reading all the blogs for this challenge

  12. Therese- Thanks. I'm relieved I got it done! I LOVE to use buttons. It's one of the main things I look for when I go thrifting. You should use them. They add such texture.

    Holly- I'm glad you like the set up. That felt like it took forever to get the photos like that. However, I really did like how all the supplies looked in each of the cups so I wanted to make sure everyone else got to see it too ;)

    Leslie- Thank you! It's amazing the number of us who are going to continue this method. . . It definitely does make it easier.

    Steufel- Thanks! I love me an old key!

    Lynsey- Thank you. I'm still working my way through them. I had to stop to go to bed. I'm up again and will be working through them before too long!

  13. Your lessons learned are the real reason to do this. What sounded impossible really wasn't and just look at the results! I love that one with the key the best... I am smitten!
    Enjoy the day!

  14. Erin- Oh yes, I definitely learned a lot from this challenge.
    That's my favorite one too!! :D

  15. I liked being able to compare the "ingredients" in the cups to your finished pieces. I also had a big sense of accomplishment, but forgot to mention that in my blog. All your pieces were amazing, but I especially liked your "Grow" necklace.

  16. Great post! I totally thought filling the cups was the biggest challenge too. I love how you set up your before and after shots. Great idea!

  17. Linda- I'm so glad you like my layout. I knew it was the best way for everyone to see them since the detail was hard to see in the whole muffin tin pictures. I'm partial to that necklace too since I got to play with my resin. Thanks.

    Kate- Like I said to Linda, I knew that way would be the easiest for everyone. Ah, filling those took HOURS. Thank you as well.

  18. Great job! Love cup number 4!

    Hopping over from My Life Under the Bus. :-)

  19. That's a great layout!! My fav has to be the orange bead with the buttons top and bottom!! They're all terrific though!

  20. Meeling- Aren't those earrings great? I just love those blue/green beads. Thanks for stopping by!

    Kristi- Thanks! Those orange beads HAD to be earrings, but I had the hardest time deciding exactly how to display them. This challenge really MADE me finally decide. And, I'm really happy with the results too!

  21. Such a cute and creative idea. My daughter would love doing this.

  22. Lisa, I bet she would. Thanks for stopping by!


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