Soldiering on with Solder

While Pat had band practice here at the house last night, I decided to experiment with some glass pebbles, paper, and solder.
I don't know if I was just tired, if there's something wrong with my soldering iron, or if I just need to work on this technique a bit more; but the backs of my little bubble gems ended up looking like this. I finally I threw in the iron and exited the craft room for the evening. 

Yeah, I know. . .
So, this morning, I worked on trying to get the solder a little . . . prettier.
I even gave in to Pat's suggestion and tried filing down the bumps.
It helped, some.
In the end, I'm leaving them like this.

I think I'm going to finally break down and purchase some solder patina. Perhaps an aged look will enhance the flaws (you know, like magic!)

At least the fronts are kinda cute!

If you are more experienced with solder than me and have any suggestions, please PLEASE let me know!
I did accomplish getting another one of my favorite bracelets relisted.
Dainty Lady Bracelet

For now, I'll just trudge through the rest of the day and look forward to the margaritas tonight!
Happy Friday Y'all!!


  1. Oh, boy, I wish I could figure soldering out myself! LOL I've tried it and tried it and tried it, but am getting no where with it ;) I'll be checking back to see what the experts say to you!

  2. I'm hoping that if I keep experimenting with it I'll figure out the issue. I hope there are some suggestions though!

  3. You have to really play with it and get a feel for where it's going . I have a lot more luck using what's called a beading tip. I have way more control and use the little v shaped gully as melting pot I run along sides and backs.Also don't forget the LIBERAL use of FLUX!!! In the end there is nothing wrong with sanding the bejesus out of it - I use the heavey duty nail files.

  4. Patty, yeah. . .for some reason the larger space on the back, it just wouldn't flow. I'll have to look into seeing if I can find one of those beading tips for my iron.
    This was my first time sanding down soldering and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
    Thanks for the ideas! I appreciate it!

  5. I think it really gives them an awesome Steampunk or Industrial look. In fact, I find the backs quite an interesting addition to these pieces and prefer something contrasty to look at on the back. :)

  6. J- Really?? Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for that. I really like hearing other perspectives and knowing that there are some out there that can appreciate that more 'rustic' look to them definitely reassures me! Much obliged!

  7. Soldering is one of those things where you really need to practice a lot and learn from mistakes and I have learned from many mistakes I tell you. Now I use a torch instead of an iron so I think there is a difference in the two. I do agree with jamberry song though about the industrial look. I do like them the way they are. They look intentional!

  8. Kathy- Yeah, I've been soldering for a few years, always with an iron. But, I usually just use copper foil and edge items. I think it's the larger space that's tripping me up and on that account I WILL need practice. Thanks for the support, I glad to know that there may be a market for them yet! Yay!

  9. I like the way they turned out. I also think they look planned. I have also have had issues with my charms turning out the same way.

    A suggestion is to make sure you use a wide tip that is clean and lots of flux. I sometimes go over my charms 2 or 3 times and usually that helps but I still end up with one or 2 pieces that just refuses to bend under my will.

  10. John- Yay! Another positive vote. I'm liking this immensely!

    I think it IS about time that I get some new tips for my iron, I always forget to look when I'm in the hardware store. A wider one is a fabulous idea! Oh, these I went over far too many times before I gave up. . . or let them have their own will at least.

    Thanks for the advice!


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