Mixed Media (crystal) Bracelet Video and Instructions

So, yesterday I made a craft video.

I admit I've never been one for cameras, but you never actually SEE ME on the video.
I do need some practice as there are a LOT of "ummmm"s and "and then"s.
As well, I recorded way more than I needed to and then had trouble cutting it down. I was successful in finally getting it under 15 minutes.

After all of that I think in the future I may try another video. I did enjoy most of the process for making and editing it.This is a teaser of the complete project. You'll have to watch the video to get a better look!

Anywho. . .here's the video. Below it is the materials list and the basic instructions for the project (just in case I lose you in the video)

Here's the instructions
decorative paper
"crystal" beads
1 inch circle paper punch
gel medium
fine sandpaper
alcohol ink
T-pin or straight pin
bead reamer(s)
painter's tape or masking tape
Triple Thick sealer
9mm jump rings
6mm jump rings
toggle clasp
beading pliers

Basic Instructions:
1. Punch circle from decorative paper and glue paper face down onto bead with gel medium. Clip paper so it lays flat on bead.
2. Apply a layer of gel medium to back of paper, let dry, and clip excess paper from around bead. Apply another layer of gel medium.
3. Using a pin, poke through the beads and the paper to clear the bead holes and ream the hole a little to make hole the proper size. Sand the sides of the paper to remove loose pieces.
4. Use q-tip to apply alcohol ink to back of paper. Cover bead holes on front of bead with tape.
5. Apply two layers of triple thick to back of bead (allowing first layer to dry before applying the second)
6. Remove tape and ream the bead holes.
7. Use larger 9mm jump rings to attach the beads to each other and add the loop part of the toggle clasp. Use 3-4 6mm jump rings to add the toggle bar.

- apply paint, alcohol ink, glitter, doodle, etc to front side of paper before adhering to bead.
- use paint, glitter, aluminum tape, silver/gold foil, etc to decorate the back of the bead (rather than the alcohol inks)

I hope you enjoy making this project, but sincerely ask that you not sell your copies. This is my design.

Please Let me know what you think of the video and the design. I would really appreciate some feedback! THANKS!!


  1. Thanks so much. . .I kinda love it myself and can't decide whether to list it in the shop or not.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Very nice! And good instructions.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad the instructions were clear. I was afraid I was all over the place with them.
    Thanks for checking it out. I really do appreciate it.


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