Kinda Like a Mixed Tape, But with Links

Holy Moley . . .where has the week gone? I can't believe it's Friday. That means you've only got a few more days to enter my button-themed giveaway.

I've got a mix of stuff for you today. I listed two new items yesterday.
This Blooming Dictionary Necklace
this Button Dangles Bracelet

Now for some craft-related links. Today's theme/tag is general crafting:
  • How about some yoga for crafters.
  • Didn't we all grow up making salt-dough crafts? Was it just me? We had a whole Christmas tree covered with salt dough alphabet letters at one point. At least that's what I remember, because I used to lick them. Yes, that's probably where the brain damage originated. (of course we colored them with food coloring, not paint soooo. . .moving on)
  • Did you know that you can use styrofoam for stamping/ print-making. It's true.
  • Here's a link to some links of some general projects to make.
  • Check out this video on how to make a photo transfer with packing tape. WARNING - the link takes you to a page that's just the video and it starts right up. Adjust your volume accordingly!
  • Lastly is this cool origami site. It's completely in Japanese, but by clicking around in it you'll find animated videos of how to fold a ton of different shapes. It's pretty neat!
Now for some just plain fun links (not that the craft links aren't fun) for "Feel Good Friday"
One more reminder for the GIVEAWAY . . .this may be your last reminder. Go on and enter now!

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