Let's Spice It Up With a Dash of Everything

September in the south is such a tease.
Let me just say that I LOVE the summer: being able to go to the beach all season long, warm rays on my skin, kids excited for their freedom. However, down here in Alabama it is SWELTERING HOT for 4-5 months. If you're not going to the beach, the river, or a friend's pool it's miserable to go outside. Yet, in comes September on Summer's boot heels, bringing in just a touch of cool air in the evenings. It's not quite enough to enjoy being outside, but just enough for me to start envisioning camp fires and evening walks and cozy sweaters. A TEASE I tell you!! Can you tell I'm ready for a bit of Fall-like weather?

Anyway. . .I listed a few items in the shop yesterday. I figured I'd show them off!!
Witching You A Happy Halloween Brooch
Miracles and Magic Necklace - this piece is two-sided. Follow the link to see pictures of the other side!!
And now for some links.
First some Crafty Links. These are just some of the ones I have tagged with paper or papercraft!!
And for some random-stuff-I've-found-on-the-internet-and-must-share-links:
  • These photorealistic paintings are AH-MAZING!
  • Here are some of the geekiest tattoos you'll ever see.  Some of them are actually kinda cool. I like the Love/hate one, just not the placement of it and the dot-to-dot one. Which do you like?
  • Redesigning a room? Remodeling your house? Just want to make some changes in your living area? Roomle helps you do these, apparently.
That's all I've got time for today, I really should get some work done before my meeting tonight. Of course, first I have to  make the tough decision of what to wear. Do I dress in the business-ish way THEY expect or lean toward more of an artsy apparel that I would prefer? I really do need some new clothes at some point. Gah! I guess I'll decide just before I need to leave, as usual. You know, I'll have to see what kind of mood I'm in first!!

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