Instead, I'll Distract Us with Somthing Shiny

Now don't go getting all upset with me, but today is the first day in WEEKS that I've been up and out of bed before 9:30AM. I'm actually hoping this trend continues. It really does make the day a little longer when you get out of bed at a reasonable hour. And while I really should be doing THIS


Instead, I'm drinking THIS

and writing THIS (after a eating a think piece of banana bread, slathered in butter)

I'm thinking that since I finally got up "on time" I really shouldn't do anything to scare my body back into the bed on day 1. Of course, as the weather is starting to turn cool (HA! I live in Alabama, it won't be 'cool' for MONTHS) my mind wanders to riding my bike in the mornings. . .  One day. Maybe.

So instead of doing what I should, I just wanted to make sure you saw the two new items I posted in the shop yesterday.
First is one of the soldered pendants I made in my Pantone experiment
I'm calling it "Smile Cupcake" even though the other side relates in NO WAY.

And second is a Halloween bracelet made from a disc you got a sneak peek of last week.
I thought the name "Pumpkin Perch" was witty, but I've got a weird sense of humor.
 I've got a few more items to list today, but other than that I'm going to work on getting some personal requests made today. I've got quite a few friends that have asked about me making or fixing some of their jewelry. I want to go ahead and get that done before I get distracted once more.
I'll probably be listing the new items in the shop this evening, so check back!!

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