Getting Ready for Cruising and WWWW

YIKES!! I'm a bad, bad blogger. I will say have been BUSY and not just, simply neglectful of my blog the last several days. Getting ready for this cruise has taken up more of my time than I thought.
So, as I take a break from packing and wait for LOML* to finish working so we can go get some dinner (as he doesn't want me to dirty the kitchen I just cleaned, how sweet. Or rather, he doesn't want to have to worry with the mess while I'm gone. Hmmmm. . .) Anyway, while I have this break, I felt the need to catch up with y'all before I suffer the withdrawal of no interne for four days. Sigh!!

I had a great weekend. LOML* and I had too much to drink Fri. What a fabulous Frozen Margarita Friday it was. On Saturday, we watched the Alabama Crimson Tide football team kick some butt!!! ROLL TIDE!! On Sunday, we chilled (mostly).

This week has been consumed with planning, packing, shopping, and just preparing for my trip. Ahhhh, it'll be over far too soon. I was able to get some new clothes, which were sorely needed, and am looking forward to wearing them on the ship.

Before I leave, though I want to share some of the things I've found across the internet for this "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
  • 15 most artistically awesome advertisements - I recommend 1. the 1st one "1984" (for simple nostalgic reasons)2. The Carlton Draught Ad (I saw this several yeasrs ago and LOVED it then too) 3. The sony bravia one - I like the simple music and it's just fun without saying too much (I didn’t watch the BMW one b/c it was almost 10 min long) All the others were good too. Those were just the ones that elicited the biggest responses in me.
  • life = risk
  • Hue IQ test - see if you have a good eye for color by arranging them in order. I liked it!!
  • Lastly, (and nor WEB -related) this trailer has been parked out back at work and I like to just so see it and smile.
Okay, wish me bon voyage. I hope to share some pics with you next week.

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