Cruise Review

I am REALLY trying to get back into the swing of things after my little vacation.First, I want to tell you that I had a really great time on the cruise and definitely made some memories. For one, I really enjoyed the people I was cruising with. Not only was I there with the ladies from my Mardi Gras Society, but that included one of my best friends and her husband, my mom and step-dad, and my cousin. Also on the cruise were some of my Fairhope friends. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time with those guys during the cruise - bummer.On the upside, I did have a few exciting things happen:
1. I got to eat dinner at the Captain's table (thanks to my cousin) on formal night. That was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because who knows if I'll ever get to do that again, and a curse because I worried all day about how to present myself, making smalltalk, etc. and because the officer who sat next to me was fairly dull (though close in age - another blessing.)
2. At the show on Saturday night, I was called to the front of the audience by the singer to 'break it down' (dance) and then to sing. The dancing went GREAT, the singing - well, it was a definite reminder that LOML is the musical one.
3. Mexico was nice and I found just what I needed.
4. The casino was good to me. I didn't win big by any means, but I did walk off the boat with more than I should've.This year on the cruise, I tried to stay fairly well-behaved and drank very little overall. I also took some vitamin B and drank Powerade to stay hydrated and have no hangovers. It really did work, except for the last full day when the boat rocked constantly. That made me a little sick. In the end, it will definitely be a trip I remember.Hopefully, I'll be back to normal posting tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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