From "To Do" to "Done." How Do You Manage It? (and ThTh)

Ack! I can't seem to fit in everything in a day that I want to do. If I try to do one task, then another one will either not get done or get limited attention. I've never understood how we are supposed to do everything we are SUPPOSED to do: prepare and eat healthy meals and snacks, work to earn a living, exercise, spend time with loved ones, shop for the clothes and food we need, keep a clean house, maintain the yard, maintain the car and house, maintain our hygiene, maintain our health, be creative, and all the other NEED TO DO tasks that wind up on our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to do lists. I've bought book after book on organization and time management, but have not found THE ANSWER yet.

My answer has always reverted back to list upon list upon list and prioritizing what's most pressing. You know - "the stuff in the sink is starting to smell, so I'll start with cleaning the dishes"; "Oh no, we have no clothes to wear - the laundry must need to be done first"; "They're going to turn off our water in two days - let's pay the bills right now"; "All we have in the fridge is moldy leftovers and beer - either I go shopping or we go on and eat out again" and so on. With these pressing issues who has time to write a blog post, craft some jewelry, or even enjoy reading other blogs? If you have some great solution, PLEASE SHARE WITH ME.

I guess I go through this wanting to revamp my whole way of doing things every year, and with my birthday approaching (tomorrow) I just don't want to see another year go by with me leaving so much undone, half-ass done, or never even considered getting started. I want to find a better way, NOW.

I guess while trying to do it all on my wonderful weekend, I missed noticing that I won a contest!! It's true. I won a winter dove bead from Humblebeads and didn't even notice until she sent me an e-mail. I'm so excited!! Now I'll HAVE TO find some time to get in the craft room and make a beautiful piece to go with such a lovely little bird.

Look at that - I won a FREE bead and I'm telling you about it on "Thrifty Thursday." While I would like to show you the items I got while yard shopping, I just haven't had the time to take the picture. It's one of those things that's falling through the cracks. Here, however, are some other topics that might strike your fancy:
  • Could you live off only $25 in food a week? I'm pretty sure it would be difficult. Check out this articles that discusses the $25 a week challenge and links to the blog posts of some of the persons who took the challenge.
  • While browsing the internet a while back, I found this coupon code site. Basically, you should check this site before you buy ANYTHING online, as you might could get it or the shipping cheaper with one a coupon code. This site lists the coupon codes available. How cool, and thrifty!!
  • I'm not a big motorcycle fan, but the re-use of old watches into these beautiful little pieces of art is pretty cool.
I'm running out of time to get this done, so I'm off for now. With Margarita Friday tomorrow, I don't know if I'll post or not. In any case, I'll try. I hope you get some of your to-do's done.


  1. Congrats on winning a contest. You are so CRAFTY!

    I have no idea how you are supposed to get everything done. I keep meaning to ask my mom about that one...

  2. I lived off $50/week for food in college in the early nineties and it was hard!

  3. Grayson - Oh yeah, if ANYONE would know the answer - it would totally be your mom.

    A Day. . . - wow! that's very impressive. I have a hard time staying under $100 for just me and my hubby. Rock on!


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