A Litte Deviation from the Usual Friday

Woweeeeee - It's FRIDAY (I'm doing a little dance if you can't see me)

I want to make a blog post, but I don't really have anything to share. I have another in the works, but am not sure if I'm ready to share that much information and deep thinking with you. First, because who cares other than me. Second, because I'm not sure if it's logical and I don't want you to know I'm THAT crazy. And lastly, because I'm still not sure how much personal information I want to put out here. Let's just say I'm rethinking life plans and the execution of said plans.

I've noticed an increase in traffic to the blog and thank you kindly for your visits. I invite you to stop and stay for a while, and leave me a comment.

Since I don't have much of anything for Feel Good Friday and Halloween is creeping upon us (2 weeks to go), here are some cool food and drinks to help you have a spooktacular holiday.

Food: Martha Stewart's site has a gallery of come creepy cookies and other treats. There are some great ideas in there.
Drinks: Dot@Dabbled is sharing a great list of Halloween cocktails to raise your "spirits." (Hey, that's a great pun in so many ways!! Totally INtended.)
Alright, it's Margarita Friday and I'm ready to get it going right. Here's to a fantastic weekend for you and yours (and for me and mine.) Later 'gators.


  1. thanks for the link love! I meant to tell you that I really like your shrink plastic charms :)

  2. Dot - Oh thanks!! I linked to you then too I hope b/c I know I thought about it.

  3. Those halloween goodies are precious!!!

  4. Rethinking life plans???? Do we need to talk???? Whatever's going on, you know you can ALWAYS call me.

    I love the Halloween stuff. Ran and Lori are having a big Halloween party if you guys want to come. After trick-or-treating w/ Liberty my parents are taking her home. Thought I'd mention the party so you could have the distraction.

  5. Oh... these gobbly-goo's look so creepy and yet desirably edible... how can this be?

    -cheers *t

  6. Tracey - I know, right!?!

    Thanks for the visits you guys!!

  7. Tracey - I know, right!?!

    Thanks for the visits you guys!!


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