Doubts and Second-Guessing (FGF)

Since getting back into the mode of things, I've been a little more internet-wary. Posting on the blog has seemed less important, checking or logging into Facebook has not felt as pressing, reading the gazillion (906) blog posts in my feed reader isn't a priority. Granted, I've done all of these things but with a certain air of uncertainty - a feeling of less doom if I don't get to it. My twitter-addiction is still present, but that is less time consuming than the other tasks I mentioned.
I don't know if it is the change in the seasons, all the other things coming at me right now, or if the relaxing mode of my little vacation has not let go and I am SO less anxious than I am usually. I can't seem to put my finger on the words to express this feeling. I'm questioning my motives for even participating in these. I know that social networks usually tend to make me feel more connected, but right now those connections feel less important. Perhaps, it's just that I spent some time away from LOML and with our Anniversary looming (on Sunday) I feel the need to spend some quality time with him, rather than with the cold, emotionless interweb. Maybe I just need a good "Feel Good Friday," maybe you do too.
  • Pistol pointing grammy. I love stories like this where the little man (or woman) prevails in the name of justice and all that is good. It's such a ray of hope. I like it even more when they don’t have a gun and use an umbrella or something, but this way works also. This is an older article, but it really does lift my spirits a bit.
  • Here are some quick and easy instructions on how to meditate. Meditation is also a sort of pick-me-up, if one can ever find the time to just sit and do so. Just having that kind of time in itself might be cleansing.
  • Rainbows are one of those things that always make me feel better, Check out this awesome rainbow. Click on the link to get the full experience.
  • Another thing that makes me feel good - Chocolate. How about a 5 minute chocolate cake. I'm not kidding. Nummmmmm.
I do feel a little better now. I hope you do too.
Happy Friday all, enjoy your weekend - may it be full of chocolate, and rainbows, and some time to yourself or with that special someone.

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