Birthday Thanks

WOW!! The internet makes birthdays so MUCH MORE than they used to be.Yes, today is my birthday and I really haven't been looking forward to it like I usually do.
However, the outpouring of birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, via phone and text, and even a few in snail mail has made me feel soooo special. I want to thank ALL of you who have extended these good thoughts. It has really MADE MY DAY!! So. . .



  1. Once again, Happy Birthday! You know we all love you!

  2. Well I was gonna use one of those other sites but you haven't signed on to that since Aug. Anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Enjoy the Margaritas!!!

  3. Heather and Kerry - Y'all are the best. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Kerry - I'm trying to get some Phoenix plans in the works. Pat's got some friends there and I'm totally trying to get him to make a trip there soon. I'll call ya!!!
    Love you guys!!


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