A Weekend That Was Good For the Soul

Oh, I had a joyous, wonderful weekend (though devoid of any craft activity.) I wanted to limit this for you to ease your boredom, but I am so enamored with how this weekend went, that I can't help but share it all with you. Since this is a little lengthy, I'll have a second post today with my usual Monday links.

Here goes:
Friday was our traditional Margarita Friday. We made the conscious decision beforehand to try to be good and not consume too much/many since we both had plans for Saturday. I almost kept that promise. However, we went to a friend's house after dinner to watch a movie, and I did indulge in a beer or two while the video played.

This, I did regret slightly on Saturday morning as I set off yard sale-ing with a pounding head. Once on my way, I got discouraged at the offerings. . .UNTIL I discovered that one of the big, fancy neighborhoods was having their neighborhood-wide yard sale. I had much more luck then. (At some point, I might even get some pictures taken for you.) Following my bit of success, I met LOML* at the beach where he was windsurfing and brought him some lunch before I headed home to watch Alabama win another football game (Roll Tide!) After that LOML and I had some dinner, watched a movie, and slept well.

Sunday was a Beautiful day. After breakfast downtown, we headed to the art festival down the street at the Fairhope Pier Park. It was a perfect morning to browse the talent that was there - simply inspirational. You would think that after seeing all that lovely, handmade work; I would want to get to work on some crafty endeavors of my own. Instead, we got a lemonade and sat by the beach for a while before taking a drive, doing some shopping, and heading to lunch. I did feel a need to craft after lunch, but my house and craft room were in a disastrous state. I haven't really cleaned since I returned from the cruise. So, I set to work. After the laundry room (including the cat box), kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms were done, I ventured into the craft room. I hit a brick wall, I was overwhelmed, I felt overworked, I took a break.I never went back in there. I did get dinner cooked, cookies baked, and some time online before bed.

Now, granted I didn't get any crafting in AND I didn't get any real exercise. But, it was a really cleansing weekend for me. I got to spend some time outside, some time thrifting, some time with myself, some time with LOML, some time with friends, and some time thinking. As well as having my house in better shape, my soul feels better too.

It's time for some personal changes, and this weekend really helped me get on track. In fact, while I didn't get up great this morning and developed a headache by lunchtime, I made myself head to the park before eating lunch at my desk. There, I soaked in the perfect weather and doodled a bit. So, I have now crafted and continued to have a happy spirit in general.

I hope your weekend was as spiritual and soothing, and I apologize for the rambling.

*LOML=Love of My Life

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