Last Night's Presentation (WWWW)

Big sigh!!!
Wait! Let me reiterate. . . SIGH!
For clarification: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's better.

I had to give a presentation last night at my Mardi Gras Society meeting. I've been preppng for it for weeks and had this huge surge to get the rest of it done yesterday (I wasn't procrastinating, I had to prepare fresh flowers.) It went okay. I'm no stranger to public speaking, but this group of ladies just makes me nervous. PLUS, I had to use a microphone, which I detest. I get distracted by the sound of my own voice echoing back at me, it just throws off what I'm trying to say. I did get quite a few compliments, and that made me feel better. When it was over, my energy level just CRASHED. I was so tired all of a sudden. Now I'm in recovery.

Since I am past exhaustion, I'm just gonna get to the meat of "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
  • Halloween's almost here, so I better start posting some of these neat decorations I've found. First up are these over the top Halloween decorations. Make sure to scroll through the gallery.
  • Click here and then read the page. It's not really an error you encounter.
  • This is a neat page for writers or creative types who need a boost of ideas. They can just contact 911 writers block.
  • Ford's "MyKey" for teen drivers to restrict audio levels, give reminders for seatbelts, set speed limitations, activate blind spot warnings, etc. Now what kinda fun would that be as a parent? he he!!
  • I don't know if you've seen this Axe body spray commercial yet or not, but it's kinda disturbing in so many ways.
There now, I can go on with my day and know I'm getting closer to the weekend. Even closer now. . .


  1. What did I miss?? What was the big presentation about?

  2. Oh, every Oct, the org does a tribute to the Past Presidents (of LLS) and that was my committee this year. I just did a slide show, read a poem, and handed out flowers; but speaking in front of those ladies threw me for a loop.

  3. I am sure you were great as always! Sorry I missed it. I will be home for about a week in a month though! YEA!

  4. Hope: thanks for stopping by and de-lurking at my blog. The good news about your presentation last night? You didn't have to watch the debate. Yikes.

  5. Grayson - I can't wait!!

    Cheryl - thanks for visiting me too :D

  6. You did great! Glad I was there and I could help you out.


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