Plans for Next Week and Finally Friday

I just remembered that I need to warn all of you that I will probably not be posting at the end of next week and the beginning of the next. Basically, Oct 2-5; do NOT expect a post from me. I'll be floating out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and traipsing through Cozumel, Mexico. I'm going on a cruise with some of the members of my Mardi Gras Society. It's a fundraiser and hopefully will be quite fun. I'm excited about this one (it's my 3rd) because in addition to having family and some acquaintances there, I'll also have some very good friends. My best friend from college and her husband are going, as well as some of LOML's high school friends. However, LOML will not be going with me. We went on this cruise before and he was not happy with it, so he will not board that ship again. This means that I'll room with my cousin. She's fun! I've got SO MUCH to do before the trip that I can't even think about all of it. I did get some new clothes last weekend, but who knows if they match anything else (shoes, accessories, tops, bottoms, etc.) I own. I may end up just looking like a huge geek without properly-matching clothes. WONDERFUL!!

Anyway - it's getting late in the day and I wanted to go ahead and post your "Feed Good Friday" links
  • Check out this list of 50 productivity blogs to help you get some stuff done, or to just waste some time.
  • This gmap pedometer can map your walking/running/biking route to see how far you are going (zoom in and then double click on starting point and each turn). It will even compute how many calories you burn walking.
  • I just have to share the laundry room of my dreams (well, besides one that comes with a built in maid).
  • This quote started my day off right this morning - "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
Today is also "Frozen Margarita Friday" and I can't wait. I know LOML is looking forward to it too.
I sincerely hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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