Fall Has Begun and So Has the Week (MMSM)

So it's now officially the beginning of Autumn. I really do love this season for a variety of reasons (Halloween, my birthday, my anniversary, Turkey Day, and cooler weather all fall in this realm.) However, it also makes me a bit sad. . . time has worn on, the Summer is over. Beginning only means that something else has ended.
I'm not usually this pessimistic, but I hate to see the cold weather move in. Cooler is fine, but colder - not for me. That's why I live in the South. It's gets cold, but just cold enough for me to have a wardrobe change for a little while. You know, mix it up a bit. However, autumn signals the end of bathing suit season. This, of course, is just a symbol here. I'll still be in the water (with my bathing suit on) for a month or two more. If not IN the water, than near it. After that, I'll beach it while LOML* dons his wetsuit and exhibits how he's more of a 'water baby' than I am. He can go for it too - I hate wearing my wetsuit (too binding.)

I've rambled long enough. Let me just say HAPPY AUTUMN
and give you a "Made Me Smile Monday"
  • Where rainbows come from
  • Women have a tough time finding just regular costumes, this just helps prove the point. Is there anything that can't be made into a sexy Halloween costume?
  • If you don't like the look of the usual bike helmets, you might want to try one of these bike helmet hats.
  • I've mentioned it before, but I'm a big fan of The Office. If you are too, you should watch this "That's what she said video"
  • I think I've been to this club before
That's all for now. I hope you frolic in the foliage or celebrate the coolness or whatever it is you do to start your Fall off right. Happy Monday to all and to all a good week.


  1. I'm going to get that sexy plumber costume for Halloween!! WOOOOHOOOOO!


  2. Yeah, I can totally see that. Pat says Johnny should go as the sexy nun!! AWESOME!!


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