It's Over Already? MMSM is Here, Though.

Wow! Did that weekend spin by anyone else? I barely had time to realize it had started before it was over. Sigh! I stay WAY TOO busy.

I did squeeze in some crafting yesterday afternoon and then this morning. I also went with friends and LOML to see "Burn After Reading." It was really good. I'm not sure that it was theater-worthy, but it was good. OH - what I mean by 'theater-worthy' is that usually LOML and I only go to the theater to see movies that are action/ CGI/ visual effects packed. This was not. However, totally worth the trip to the movies. We haven't been to a movie since we saw The Dark Knight.
Eh, I'm rambling.

I know what you came for so - here's your "Made Me Smile Monday"
  • Electrical scream
  • Mythbusters crocheted toys. This isn't a LOL, but if you are a fan of mythbusters and crafts, you'll like these.
  • Soap dispenser for the shower, that's sure to get a laugh or snot, whatever.
  • Safari Animals gone Wild - drunken African safari. I had NO IDEA this could happen.
  • Lego delivery with some confusing (or confused) results.
I hope you had a long, relaxing, enjoyable weekend. Now get back to work!! ;)

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