Let's Call it "Stuff" To Do (and Techie Tuesday)

Can you guess what resulted in this? Bet you can't.
An awesome party? - Nope
Me and the hubby playing beer pong in our underwear? - NOPE!

This is the result of LOML* and I getting started on our to do list. We are affectionately calling it our "$HIT TO DO" list. How sweet!
And, no - drinking a bunch of beer was not on the list. Disposing of a bunch of beer, however, was.

Let me start by saying that after dinner we made up our VERY LONG LIST. It encompasses every room in the house, the sun porch, the garage, outside the house, one vehicle, and the RV. Some of the tasks are as specific as washing the futon cover on the sun porch and charging the Jeep's battery to as vague as cleaning out the garage and getting a new bedroom suite. In all, there are 93 tasks to be completed. We plan on adding more as we think of them. Yay! LOML* would like to complete one item on the list each DAY. (We'll see how that goes.) As we 'finished' making the list last night, he asked, "What can we get done tonight?" The first quick-and-easy item I found on the list was "empty beer on the sun porch."
An easy explanation for why we have a bunch of beer on our sun porch? After going to parties or the beach, we tend to just put the old beer out there (to dispose of at a later time.) This is what our beer pile looked like just after we started These are all the empty containers. Success! Yay!
Let me clarify that we do not usually consume Bud Light and neither one of us can recall why we have almost a case of it on porch. I do not think that I was involved in that purchase.
We are happy that we've started on this list. That in itself feels like a weight off our shoulders.

Anways- It's "Techie Tuesday" and after getting SO MUCH done yesterday, I'm gonna make it easy on myself and just share a few links:Now, go get something done on your to-do list!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

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  1. Wow. That is a ridiculous amount of beer cans. Now only if I could get my husband to help with my lists!!!


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