Worthy Weekend

It's Sunday night, and I recognize that I don't usually blog on the weekends. This is the time I tend to try to devote to the many other things I need to get done in my life. However, I've had quite a productive and fulfilling weekend. As such, I feel the need cram just a little more into it. Yes, I tend to over-indulge.First, let me say that the phone did not completely survive. When I tried to call my mom this morning, I couldn't hear myself and my grandmother could barely hear me. So, it's not in perfect condition - but it still works. In all, I think it's destined for the trash. Usually I would donate, but I'd hate to send a broken phone to the charity shop. Does that make sense? Any ideas of what I can do with a mostly working and completely clean phone?
My weekend has been fun and full. I've had some great food, good drinks, and some of the best company I could ask for. I spent the whole weekend with LOML*, which is a rarity as I tend to often have other obligations. We hung out with both his and my family (at different times) and some friends of ours. We got to spend time by the water all three days (Friday night included,) and I've got a bit of a burn going on - no complaints, everyone looks better with a little color.LOML* and I also got some things taken care of around the house, I was able to work out on the Wii Fit all three days, I got some crafting done, and we talked about making a list of priorities of other things to get done for the house. I LOVE lists. We haven't made the list, but he's completely okay with it. Yay!!It being Sunday, and the beginning of a new week, it feels right to sum up the previous week. Last week, I joined a Flickr group called The Week In Review. Here's my contribution for the group for this past week. I'm gonna try to post a collage here whenever I also post one there. I didn't have many pictures from this past week so my contribution is not as nearly impressive as the other group members, but I'll work on improving.
All the other pictures for this post were taken today at the beach near my house. We had a great time!! We all wore ourselves out and I guess I should start heading toward the bed pretty soon. I hate ending the weekend! At least it's on a good note. Here's hoping for a wonderful week ahead.

*LOML=Love of My Life

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