Decision to Make (and WWWW)

UGH! Went to mom's house last night to help with nieces. Stayed out too long. She sent me home with so much stuff, I didn't even bother getting it out of the car until this morning. I've got LOML*'s birthday present (it was in May) and my birthday present (it's not until October) as well as a few photo albums and some food. My present was some great new luggage that I will need in a few weeks when I go out of town. Mama decided it was on sale and I needed it 4 1/2 months early - no biggie. I do like it though.

Yesterday, I was invited to join The Food Confessional blog. It's basically a food diary to record food intake and thus help limit what you put in your mouth. I'm interested in accepting the invitation, but also quite intimidated by recording exactly what I eat on a daily basis for ALL to read. Recording calories and measuring foods seems overwhelming and bigger of a step than I am ready to take at this time. Besides, shouldn't weight loss be a personal thing. Being held accountable for my caloric intake would be helpful, but it seems like too much right now. As you can tell, I'm torn about whether to take the plunge or not. What do you think?

It is amazing the things people will publish on the internets. That's why there's "Wild Wild Web Wednesday." (that was an AWFUL transition, sorry!!)
  • Check out the customizable "Do hit chair" (with sledgehammer.) Here's a video of it getting customized.
  • Do you know your arse from your elbow? I got 11/14.
  • spray paint art -
  • 2-sided PB jar
  • Patching walls in Italy with legos (of all things) -
That's all for now. I've got some thinking and weight losing to do. Hmmm.


  1. Hum...wonder what you are going out of town for in a few weeks? Huntsville, maybe? :)

  2. Oh dear God, you know it. See you there! :)

  3. A few weeks?? You mean like less than 2 weeks...BLEH! (which reminds me I need to call you about all that this weekend so expect a call).
    Oh yeah and I totally think you should do the food blog thing that sounds like a really good idea to me. In fact, I need to do that!

  4. I wish you would do the food blog. I've been wondering all afternoon what you had for lunch.

  5. Now I have conflicting opinions - Gray wants me to do it and apparently Ben thinks it's funny. I can hear that sarcasm in your voice Ben. You made me laugh so hard!! :) Still trying to decide.

  6. Blogging your food would be a good idea. That's basically what Weight Watchers is.


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