Blah, Blah, Blah (and FGF)

Mwahahaha - It's Friday the 13th!! Isn't that like Halloween in the middle of the year or something?

I can't believe the week's almost over and I haven't gotten ANY crafting done and my exercising has dropped off some. Gah - disgusted with myself, yet the excuses are running rampant through my head: at least I've cooked dinner almost every night, I've kept the sink empty, I've washed clothes (towels), I've blogged fairly consistently, Aunt Flo was visiting, I've made the bed, I've comforted my stressed-out husband, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe I can make up for the lack of crafting tonight. Yet, I was planning on going to the thrift store this evening. That may have to wait for tomorrow. It all depends on LOML*. Since he's had a stress filled week, I don't know what he'll want to do this evening to celebrate the end of the week. That is, if he actually gets done working at a reasonable time this evening. (He worked until 1:30 AM last night, so we'll see.)

Since it is Friday the 13th and I've been a bad girl this week - I guess it is time for some "Feel Good Friday" goodness. Enjoy!I hope you get some goals accomplished this weekend. I hope to also. Have fun!

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