Phone it In

Apparently, my LBS (Lazy Blogger Syndrome) has been acting up more than usual lately. I'm still trying to get some tasks taken care of and LOML* just got back in town yesterday.

It's "Feel Good Friday," and today I have a little story for ya. You should feel so good about yourself after reading this, because at least you didn't do it!Before I had to go get LOML* from the airport, I wanted to clean up a little so the house would be nice(er) for him. He woke me with a phone call yesterday to let me know he was at the airport in San Diego. From there, I got up and started to clean the kitchen before stripping the bed and washing the linens. When the wash cycle was done, I started transferring the wet linens from the washer. As I reached the bottom of the barrel, I heard something hard hitting the sides. It turned out to be the cordless phone I had answered only a few hours earlier. It had gone through the ENTIRE wash cycle in the washing machine. This is only something I could do, seriously. I took the back off the phone, unhooked the battery, and shook as much water out of the thing as I could. I left it on the counter to dry as I rehearsed how I was going to tell LOML*. However, the more I thought about it, the funnier it became. Fortunately, he laughed when I broke it to him. Later last night, I plugged the battery back in to find that it still worked. After a little charging, it even had a dial tone. We couldn't believe it. I'm not sure of the model, but it's an AT&T phone. Apparently, it can take a licking, washing, and turn through the spin cycle and keep on ticking. One thing we know for sure - it's REALLY clean now!

Yeah, I can be a big ditz sometimes. At least we bought a really good phone that could withstand a Hope-incident. Sigh.

*LOML=Love of My Life


  1. Too funny!!!!! Don't worry. I could also do that, but in my case it would be my cell phone. Love ya!!!

  2. I have a story for you on that one. My ex boyfriend ended up with an iPhone because he washed is BlackBerry. Here is the blog about it for your reading pleasure:


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