DIY Embroidery Floss Tassel

 Making a tassel with embroidery floss is easier than you think!

You only need a few supplies.

Really, all you need is the embroidery floss, some thin cardboard (think cereal box cut to a little longer than you want your tassel), and scissors. For my method, I also use a jump ring and jewelry pliers so I can incorporate the tassels into jewelry. Additionally, you might want some strong glue and a comb with fine teeth. 

I've got a video on the process that walks you step-by-step of how to make your own Embroidery Floss Tassel

But, here's the quick and dirty of it.

Start by holding a short tail of the floss at the base of your cardboard. 

Wrap the floss around the board. More wrapping means a fuller tassel. I tend to wrap 10-20 times.

Cut your floss.

At this point, open your jump ring with the pliers.

Carefully slide your floss off the cardboard. Slip the jump ring through the top loop of all the floss and close the ring

Cut several inches of floss from what you have remaining.

Wrap that bit of floss around all your floss, just below your jump ring and tie it several times.

Trim the excess floss and glue it if you'd like. (The following pictures don't have the jump ring in them - my bad, sorry about that!)

Use your scissors to trim the tassel down evenly, ensuring you cut all the bottom loops.

For a final touch, you could use the comb to brush out the tassel. This helps separate the individual threads and make it look a bit more finished.

And, that's it! Your tassel is made.

This method can also be used with yarn, ribbon, or other types of thread. I like to incorporate tassels into necklaces and earrings, but they can be used any number of other ways. 
How are you going to use your tassels?

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  1. Indeed, it's a simple process and embroidery floss comes in so many bright colors! I wish I wasn't so lazy, it's the only thing that stops me from making them :) You could use them in fan spread earrings, especially if you have the right findings (caps).

  2. Very nice, I have made these myself. If you want tiny tassels you can use a fork rather than a piece of cardboard.

    1. Valerie, I hope I did the technique justice. It's all a matter of practice.
      I LOVE the idea of using a fork for tiny ones. Thanks so much for sharing the tip!


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