Peek at My Week (August 2-8)

 This week was a struggle for me to find any personal motivation and inspiration. I did try...

I started it off pretty strong with a batch of homemade Banana Nut Muffins (LOADED with pecans!) to give us some energy for the yard work we had planned. Pat did the mowing while I worked on picking up any debris in the yard that might get in his way. His work was cut short when he ran over a yellow jacket nest and was chased inside with a couple of stings on his hand.

Since the lawnmower was abandoned in the front yard, Pat was done for the day, but I was able to resume my stick-collecting as I had already covered the front yard. It was so hot outside, I did don my swimsuit so I could jump in the pool to cool off.

Out there, I discovered this pretty little mushroom.

Between yardwork and the jump in the pool, I worked up an appetite and needed a good snack before dinner.

I was tickled with my little charcuterie plate. 

Before long, we were back out by the pool to grill up dinner.

I was up bright and early on Monday to get the day started with what's become my usual routine- Doodling and planning my day from the porch swing!

I spent most of the morning on household chores and errands and found myself struggling to focus on anything in the afternoon. But, I did have two Etsy sales!

As we watched TV that evening, I got a little silly.

I'm hoping to get a little video of this with her tail wagging. It's hilarious!

On Tuesday, I was up before the sun.

While returning from the mailbox to send out the sales from the day before, I spotted these air potato leaves across the street.

I was glad to see that something likes to eat these invasive plants and really dug the lacy texture that remained. Despite all that, I had trouble getting inspired to create. I did cross off most of the tasks on my to-do list and TRIED working on re-stocking my Bead Box - but didn't get very far. 

My notes say that Wednesday was mostly spent in the craft room, working on jewelry. But, I don't remember making much of anything. I know I worked on stocking my bead box and sorted jewelry for the booth at SAA, but I'm not sure anything really got made. Thursday was similar except that I actually stocked the booth in preparation for Super Second Saturday.

Friday is usually my big cleaning day, but I just wasn't feeling it. I did get to a few of the necessities but spent the afternoon breaking down tin and watching YouTube videos. 

At least it was something!

Saturday morning was fairly lazy as I continued the tin-cutting and video-watching in the morning. Then, we had some pool and grilling time in the afternoon.

I even did something I NEVER do - took a selfie.

I felt like I needed to document just how long my hair is getting. It hasn't been this long in something like 12 years!

Throughout the week, I made sure I took five minutes each day to participate in #SouthernGals5Min on Instagram. It's a five-minute challenge from Tiffany of @SouthernGals_Designs that encourages you to create for just five minutes. Since my inspiration was waning all week, it was the perfect challenge to make sure something happened on my desk!

I forgot to mention it last week, but I'm just using old UNO cards that I prepped with a layer of some kind of scrap paper. Here are my results for each day this week. 

I'll admit that I've totally gone over the five minutes on a few of these to finish them, but not by much. This challenge is a great jumping-off point to have a creative warm-up and get in the mood. 

If you're looking for some inspiration for the week, here's what I found:

And, that's it for the week. I'm hoping I find my mojo and make something amazing. What awesome are you adding to the world? Please share!


  1. Your yard is so beautiful (but I can tell you work at it!) I am also unmotivated lately, but your non-motivation looks more like my motivation - you always still seem to get a decent amount done. I really like those little Uno card collages. Those are cool!

    1. Ann, Thank you! We do put some effort into the yard, but mostly just trying to keep it clear of debris and removing invasive plants. Before we moved out here, we were NOT yardwork people. Our neighbors at the old house even laughed a little when they learned we were getting 5 acres (they used to mow our grass for us sometimes if we neglected it too long 😂)
      I'm one of those people that just doesn't like to be idle. So, even if I'm uninspired, I have to be doing SOMETHING with my hands. Here's hoping you find your mojo soon too!

  2. You had a fun week! Your selfie is beautiful and you have gorgeous hair! I wouldn't cut my hair if it was like your hair!

    1. Aw, thank you Mary. I tend to keep my hair fairly short as that's how my husband likes it. And, less hair means less I have to mess with. I tend to just keep it up out of my face or else it drives me crazy. Ha!

  3. I hate it when I'm not feeling inspired to create but at least you have your 5-minute art :) Inspiration will come, inevitably :) I strip cable wire in such moments. I'm smitten with the botanical art and the grandeur of the abandoned churches! About the fabric flowers - scalloped edges make an open flower but cutting the fabric on the bias makes a whole lot of difference!


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