August Challenges and Inspirations

Even better than a good challenge - participating in one with other talented artists. Since that's the case, I always like to share the challenges and inspirations I find each month in order to encourage you to take part also. And, hopefully, I can get motivated as well.

  • If you're into art journaling or making any art in short bursts, Tiffany of Southern Gals Designs is hosting a daily challenge on Instagram. It's #SouthernGals5Min and encourages you to work on something for at least five minutes every day. There are no other rules. And, you can even go over the five minutes, the challenge is just to squeeze in five minutes of creativity each day. 
  • Sarajo and Eric have shared their Inspiration for the August 2020 Honey Do List on the SJ Designs Jewelry blog. I'm loving this month's picture. It seems perfect for August. The reveal date is set for Aug 24th and Sarajo usually has the linky tool open for several weeks.
  • While Sarajo's challenge is a jewelry one, the team at Art Elements has their monthly theme open to any medium. This month, the theme is Mandala. You can read more about the theme on their blog, but your reveal should be shared in the Art Elements Community on Facebook. There's a Mandala Album set aside for contributions to the challenge. You are welcome to submit your creation(s) related to this theme anytime during the month.
  • Art Journey #6 has been revealed on the Art Bead Scene Blog. It's the Mod Spacial Composition Sculptures of Katarzyna Kobro. You can get the full details and pictures on the blog post. You are welcome to submit your contribution(s) anytime before September 3rd, but remember that you must include an art bead in whatever you make. 
Alas, that's all the challenges I found for the month. I'll keep my eyes open for any more and add them as I see them. If you know of any, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd love to include them! 
Happy creating!

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