Measly Meal Plan

As expected, the weekend was quite busy and I'm relieved that I went ahead and scheduled those posts. I just hope I can be as proactive this week. My Mardi Gras ball is this weekend and that means just about a whole week's worth of activities and things to do to get ready for it. My calendar and to do list are both quite wordy. I can at least check off one thing on those long lists: my meal plan.

Even though I won't be home but three nights this week, at least I know what I'll be making those evenings. I'll leave the hubs to fend for himself the rest of the week. I'm kinda ashamed about doing that, but I know I'm leaving him with leftovers, cereal, and some friends who want to eat dinner with him at least one of those nights. So it'll work out. Here's what I think we'll be eating together.

Breakfasts: Juice, Cereal w/fruit, Breakfast burritos, Bacon omelets w/toast & fruit

Lunches: Bean burritos, Soup & grilled cheese, Juice, Pizza quesadillas w/small salad, PB&J w/fruit & string cheese

Broccoli Souffle with Goat Cheese w/red potatoes & spinach salad
Chipotle Rubbed Flank Steak w/smashed potatoes & peas

I have to show off this new necklace in my shop. It's one of my most favorite designs. I can't believe I'm trying to sell it. You better grab it up if you like it before I change my mind.
Tribal JUNK Necklace

Oh look, there's something else I can check off my list. . .today's blog post.
How's your week looking?

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