Monday's Menu, a Giveaway, and New Items

It's a really beautiful day today so I've got the windows and doors open. The kitties are LOVING IT!! I'm just trying to stay focused long enough to get some work done. Dang, it's hard!

I did get the Menu made!

Breakfasts: Peanut butter banana smoothies, breakfast burritos, cereal/oatmeal, waffelized monte cristo sandwich, eggs w/bacon & toast, whole wheat carrot muffins

Lunches: Paninis, leftovers, soup w/grilled cheese, bean burritos, chicken salad sandwiches, pepperoni pizza puffs, turkey quesidillas

Turkey chili w/rice
Grilled shrimp w/green beans & crispy smashed potatoes
Ham steak w/mac-n-cheese & peas

Somehow I failed to mention last week that Rebekah at Tree Wings Studio is having a giveaway. It's open until tomorrow, so hurry over there and enter to win one of three sets. This is just one of them.

I've got two more items in the shop. The first is a new one for the Suor Angelica fundraising for my friend Melanie and the second is a re-listed necklace just in time for this beautiful weather.
Suor Angelica Charm Bracelet
Island Carefree Necklace
Now to get back to enjoying this beautiful day. . .errr. ..I mean cleaning and working. Yeah, that's what I meant.


  1. Ooh, your island carefree necklace is so fun!

  2. Your menu plan is very inspiring. So what got you started? Do you do it every week? Trying so hard to get some areas of life under control!

  3. I love that Island Carefree necklace. The colors are fantastic. And I'm going to have to try that Monte Cristo recipe!

  4. Jenna- Thanks I adore the colors I used in the necklace too. I'm not sure how I arrived at that color palette, but it's so bright and fun! That recipe is a carryover from last week. Still trying to get the hubs to give in and give it a go. Thanks for dropping by!


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