Whirlwind of a Wednesday (BTW)

It seems like every time I check in here on the ol' blog I find more and more I want to say. Let's just start with it being Bead Table Wednesday. I'm finally getting stuff unpacked from the beach trip and haven't gotten to do ANY crafting since we made it home. So, the works-in-progress department is pretty weak. Anyway, here's what IS on my craft desk currently.

These are just some of the odds and ends that have been sitting on my desk waiting for the right inspiration to strike. I've got them numbered so you'll know what I've got here. 1. Some of the pieces from the grab bag I got from CapturedMoments. 2. A pair of earrings in progress made from some copper washers. 3. My single leftover bead from Sally's Colors of Spring Blog Hop. 4. The two bead tangles I made for my tutorial. 5. A keyhole from the Tim Holtz line of products.
These went with me on vacation but didn't get used. I have a project in mind for them. It's some resin-ed paper, a decorative paper punch, and a small hole punch.
These 'homeless' beads were unpacked and are just sitting in that container on the craft desk

There's more Bead Table Wednesday in the Flickr Group.

I'm dying to get some crafting in this week. For inspiration, I'm considering using Shannon at For My Sweet Daughter's Design Seeds color palette from her "Finally Friday" prompt.
Design Seeds

Those colors are pretty yummy!

Oh, I was featured in a treasury today!

There's a new item and a re-listed one in the shop (at long last)!!
Wet Grass Bracelet
Live What You Love Necklace

Lastly, I made these Pesto Chicken Paninis for lunch today and they were so very good and EASY. I just used my foreman grill on them, nothing special required.
Via Instagram

That about sums up my Wednesday. How's yours going?

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