Finally Friday

I'm not just saying that because I get to head out of town to go play with one of my best friends tonight (woot!), but also because Shannon over at For My Sweet Daughter is doing this thing called "Finally Friday". Basically,  she's sharing a Design Seeds palette and giving everyone a week to make something inspired by it. I've spent most of my week in front of the computer (catching up) and have been itching to create something. Shannon's 'challenge' seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out of my funk and stretch my crafty wings a bit.
Here's the palette she shared.
Boating Tones from Design Seeds

I looked over the Boating Tones palette for this week and pulled together beads that seemed as close as I could get them to the colors on-screen.

The colors looked like a dark grey, light grey, light pink, dark pink, and a violet on my iPad. Here though. . .they look like shades of blue and purple. Hmmmmm. Oh well. Here's the necklace I created in any case. I'm pretty pleased with it.

The shell beads had both of the greys as well as some of the lighter pink and violet. I just needed a pop of what I thought was the darker pink. But then I wasn't quite happy. . .I needed more color. Therefore, the purple beads got added to the mix.

I played around with design ideas for a little while before settling on the layers. I liked how the layers almost looked like the water and the boat. They keyhole is just for fun since it was laying on my desk with no other purpose. It works.

Now, jump over to For My Sweet Daughter to see what Shannon created and who else played along.


  1. I love this idea to get the creative jucies flowing again. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to take a peek at "Final Friday" to see the other reveals. Thanks for sharing!

    Lori in Atlanta

  2. Love what you made and thanks for playing along! You know I have that keyhole somewhere....

  3. What a great challenge! I love those colors, and your interpretation of them in the necklace is great -- loving the keyhole! :)

  4. Hi Hope, Have a great time on your play date with your friend and try to stay out of trouble LOL! I love your necklace. You did a great job with the color palette.

  5. Tsonki- Thanks. I give Shannon the full ownership of extending the palette to anyone who wants to play. I needed that spark to get me out of my funk this week. It really worked out too! I appreciate you stopping by! :)

  6. Lori (in Atlanta)- Somehow your comment got overlooked while I was out of town. I apologize! I hope you like the idea too. Shannon's such a smartie! I appreciate you popping in! :)


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