I Heart Macro: Waiting for the Clouds to Lift

The weather's been so icky all weekend because of Tropical Storm Lee here on the Gulf Coast that I really haven't had the light to take too many pictures.
It does clear up in little bunches, so I was able to quickly get a couple.

As you can see I've got plenty of raindrops on my roses.

As we left from having brunch this morning, I spotted a cool old Chevy truck in the parking lot. It was beautifully restored, with the exception of the rusty Chevrolet logo on the front.

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Despite the stormy weather, we ran a bunch of errands today including trips to several hardware stores, and I scored big at the thrift store. Hopefully I'll share all that with you in the next day or two. For now. . .enjoy your Labor Day!!


  1. Hope, I love the macro of the rusty Chevrolet logo! Great shot! I hope that the weather clears up soon! Have a wonderful Labor Day!

    P.S. I can't wait to see what you got at the thrift store!

  2. Love the rusted out logo. What a great shot!!

  3. Great shots Hope, TS Lee is a slow mover we have not got a lot of rain out of it yet, but it's coming my way. Ain't it just like a good ole boy to restore his truck but leave the logo rusty just to prove that it is an old truck! LOL!

  4. love the raindrops on the roses....and what a cool find with the Chevy sign....

  5. Your roses look lovely, and I think that rusted out Chevy logo is fantastic!

  6. I hope you don't get pounded by Lee! Love the rain drops on the leaves! I sooo am in love with the rusty Chevy logo! I love, love, love rusty car pics and this one is awesome!

  7. Hope you're enjoying your day, too. Love the rusty sign.

  8. I've replied to everyone else. . .
    Linda, thanks so much! It was a fluke that it was sitting there and it wasn't raining so that I could actually snap the shot! I guess luck did step in for a moment! Thanks!

  9. Oh my - the water drops are amazing! And the rusted Chevy! Too cool!!

  10. Shel-
    Thanks so much! I really do love taking these more "artsy" pictures and Macro Sundays give me reason to do so!


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