Road Trip (WooHoo)

We are heading out today for a quick road trip. It'll be me in the car with three boys ....ahem, I mean men... for several hours. I've got to have something to keep my mind busy. So, I took phone photos of some of my completed items (the ones in the above pic) to maybe work on their haikus and descriptions during the journey there and back.

Of course I couldn't go on a trip without SOME sort of project. As such, I've got embroidery thread packed for friendship bracelet-making purposes. In addition, there are the books... I'm always well prepared!

I'm not exactly sure if I'll be up to blogging on our return, so let me go ahead and share with you that there are some newly listed earrings in the shop.

I was in a bigger rush to leave than I thought, so I'm having to post this from my phone and blogpress isn't cooperation so I apologize for how awful this may look!!

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  1. It looks pretty good. I haven't tried posting from my iphone yet.

    Have a great road trip!

  2. Have fun where ever you destination may be.


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