Adventures in Thrifting

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I haven't been thrifting in WEEKS and though today's trip was a bust, it was super entertaining. . .
(be warned there are a lot of pictures and they were all taken with my camera phone)

I started at an antique mall that I've never been to before. It definitely had some interesting items.
Yes! That's a SIGNED Wayne Newton photo. It was only 30 bucks. . . a steal really! I left it there for a more serious fan than the likes of me.
Also there was a Dukes of Hazard lunchbox (with thermos)! Unfortunately, it was WAY out of my price range. I also spotted a ceramic piece that was shaped like an old phone and glazed all one color so it looked like the phone had boobs on the front instead of bells...but maybe that was just me. I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of those, but I'm having trouble getting all my pictures to upload. :(

After a few other stops, I landed at one of my favorite (and largest) thrift stores. From time to time they have some really interesting items. Like this one
Oh yes. . .that, dear hearts, is a Health Builder.
I have no idea what anyone would do with one of these nowadays, but it definitely had me chuckling. I've only ever seen those in OLD movies. Very cool!

As I headed up the road toward a few more store, I spotted this guy (I apologize for the windshield grime)
I couldn't zoom in or get any closer, but THAT is a man riding a motorcycle with a 24 pack of Angel Soft toilet paper strapped onto the back. . .I mean, Hell's Angel Soft. . .bahahahahaha!!
Really, you should live in my head. Crazy stuff like that flies through it all the time. sigh.

One of my last stops of the day was The Plunderosa in Loxley, AL. I've been visiting this place for YEARS. Although, my last visit was many, many moons ago. Not much has changed. After so much disappointment at my other stops, I think I was feeling a little punchy. Come with me on my walk through the Plunderosa.

There were all kinds of unusual tools and neat textures. Like this pile of sickles

This beautiful armoire caught my eye. But, then I realized there was something weird about it. Can you guess what that is?

That's right, it's actually a CONFESSIONAL!! Check out the inside!

They have rows and rows of old wardrobes there.
I wondered which one lead to Narnia!

As well, there's all kinds of architectural pieces. The carved door caught my eye, but I really adore the mustard yellow one behind it. . . with the lacy curtain still in the window!!

I finally meandered home to upload the pictures and share this experience with you. Getting the pictures transferred over took me FOREVER for some reason. Please tell me it was worth it!

Oh, and though I didn't find any treasures out thrift hunting, I discovered that not one but TWO pairs of my earrings were featured in this vibrant treasury.
Circle Square

Though I came home empty handed, at least I had plenty of stories to share! I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Cool Hope, thanks for sharing your thrift store adventure with us. I used to do that a long time ago when my then hubby was at work and my son was in school. There are a lot of antique shops and flea markets in Montgomery I should just spend one of my off days treasure hunting.

  2. Don't laugh but when I was in high school we were allowed to go to *Susan Marlowe Figure Salon* for gym points. They had vibrating belts and some sort of cylinder with large wooden rollers on it you sat on to get rid of cellulite! I rolled my way to fitness! lol I laugh to think of it now!!! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

  3. How much was the confessional?????

  4. I absolutely love the carved door, but the Hell's Angel Soft has got to be, hand's down, the best!!

  5. My husband loves to go thrift shopping too. He went to 3 or 4 yesterday and had a great time. I stayed home and read books. ha. To each his own! Glad you had fun.


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