Bead Table Wednesday: So Much Soup

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It's another edition of Bead Table Wednesday. However, I'm still hopping around to all the bead soup participants, so my craft desk looks mostly like this:

I was hoping to get to a few projects today. . .mainly these

But, I'm not sure that's going to happen. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

Check out what else is going on in the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr Group.

I can't say I haven't gotten ANYTHING accomplished.
An item was re-listed in the shop (with its own haiku)
Summer Comes Earrings

And several beauties were placed on sale.
Dainty Lady Bracelet
Copper Calla Lily Earrings
Happy Wish Bracelet

Here's hoping your hump day has been more productive than mine!


  1. oh I love what you do with buttons...I've never tried using them myself
    I love those dragonfly earrings

  2. I saw the UA stickers on your bead table, and very nearly let loose with a hearty "Roll Tide!" Thanks for a little touch of nostalgia!

  3. I too like what you did with the wire wrapping of the buttons. I took a class on making bracelets with buttons but they used a wax like leatherish thread and you knotted it. I like the wire wrap look.. I hear ya on the blog hopping I am only in the 50's of the 300 ish sites to visit, but am sooo enjoying it!!

  4. I'm loving those earrings! You know wire wrapping is my thang! :)

    Oh thx for the comment. I had fun making the bracelet.


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