Weekend Review

I'm attempting a Sunday night post as an experiment in reviewing my weekend rather than the long, rambling post on Monday. So, here's just the highlights in pictures, video, and bullets.

*~* I spent Friday afternoon at a local bead store and then the thrift store to pick up more vases.
*~* This box of monkey masks at Goodwill took me off-guard. A picture had to be taken
*~* Even though Pat had to work late, we FINALLY made it out for some Margarita Friday

*~* Slept in
*~* Picked me up a new life vest and a pair of boat gloves
*~* Played out on the boat. . . which still has no name.
*~* I even got a short video of our time out on the water (pardon my day-glo water shoes)

*~* Chilled on the beach
*~* Observed the odd items that wash up on the beach. There were at least three of these in the sand. So weird. . I'm guessing Spongebob was foreclosed upon.

*~* Had dinner at a new-to-us place. Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with the food. In addition, we had one of the weirdest waitresses ever. She asked us to order before we even opened the menus, she hurried us through the meal (asking if I wanted a box before I had taken two bites), and she pretty much shooed us out (taking our drinks from the table while we were still sitting at the table. There was still beer in my mug!) I'm probably just over-reacting, but I was displeased. However, apparently they have no hours at all. . ..

*~* We ended the evening on a better note with some key lime pie and a scary move.

*~* I had some time on my hands Sunday morning as Pat wanted to knock out some more work on this (hopefully) last day of his current project assignment. So, I went though blogs. I'm hoping to get into that a bit more later in the week.
*~* We both cheered as he got the major portion of his work completed in the early afternoon and headed toward the beach for lunch

*~* After lunch, we looked at a few boat launches to determine if our boat could be put in at those locations
*~* However, that was all the time we had for the Gulf since Pat still had a little MORE work to do. So, it was back home for us.
*~* At least I've been able to work on my chore list some. . . some, yes

That's it for my weekend review, now I really should get back to those chores. Or maybe a beer. . .or both. It is still the weekend after all.


  1. What restaurant was it? I'd like to know so I never go!!!

  2. I really hate to say since this particular restaurant is owned by a local person who owns several other restaurants in the area. All the others are FANTASTIC! Can I leave it at that?

  3. The boat looks great in the water. Shame about the restaurant, awful to be hurried on a nice night out!

  4. Jenni-
    I was hoping to get more video of the boat with the sail out, but hubs has filled up the video card on the waterproof camera, so I was out of luck. I'm hoping to fix that soon.

    Yeah, I don't know what was wrong with that poor girl.

  5. Lori-
    Sleeping in is great. However, I'm doing it a bit too much lately and not getting enough work done. That's got to change soon!!

  6. Ok can't take my eyes off the monkey heads .... I'm getting a bit of a Planet of the Apes flash back! I hate bad service - it reminds me of the time we sat down - one waiter came and gave us water - then another came and took it away and gave us a check...and we hadn't even eaten!!! UGH!

  7. Patty,
    Yeah, those monkeys. . . yeah

    Oooh, I don't think I've ever had service like THAT before.


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