Bead Table Blahs

While I wait for the cleaning fairies I ordered, the chore list still isn't completing itself. sigh. However, I DID get myself up and out of bed before 8am today!!
Of course I was only up because I had to be at a breakfast meeting. Then before I even really got myself settled back in at home, I was out the door to have lunch with a friend. I'm not complaining, but by the time I got home, I was POOPED!

It was no wonder that I felt a drain on my creative muscles.
But I went ahead and tried to craft.
I pulled out a few different beads and focals, knowing that I needed to have a project on my desk (and not just a mess) to photograph for Bead Table Wednesday. I put the beads back. They weren't speaking to me. I cleaned off my desk with the thought that a clean desk would free up the clutter in my mind. It didn't help. I pulled out a notebook of sketches and ideas and then polled Twitter and Facebook as to how my friends get over the Creative FUNK.
I got some really great feedback (and I'll get to that in a little bit.) However, I did find some inspiration. Before long, I had this little group of beads and buttons on the craft desk.

I can't show you what I made with those beads, because the big button is from the Button Swap and it's still not the reveal day (come back April 21st for that!)

Once I completed that spark, I realized there were still a few items on my beading to do list. So, I completed one of them. . . for my mom.
She has these palm tree necklaces that we had used as favors for a party, and she wanted a few of them made into bracelets. So, I set to work.

That's really all I goat accomplished on this Bead Table Wednesday. . .WHAT? I had a busy morning! But if you want to see what's on other beaders' craft desks, go to the BTW Flickr Group.
Bead Table Wednesday

I did get something else accomplished . . .another pair of earrings are in the shop.
Classic Beauty Earrings

So. . .I'd like to know what YOU do to get over the Creative Funk. Seriously!
What helps you get the ol' creative juices flowing? 
Tell me here, on Facebook (personal or fan page), or on Twitter. I'd love to compile a list to have at the ready the next time the funk hits me.


  1. Ok so if you add up all the advice have a Red Bull with vodka and coffee while reading books and magazines and you'll be all set! LOL

  2. LOL! Yeah, those are all good. But I want a list in case my drunken, caffeine buzzed, literate self can't take any more. . . :P
    And. . .I thought it might be good to share here on the blog as well.

  3. I guess going through bead catalogs or magazines works for me. Sometimes journaling helps, too, to get what's in my head out of the way so I can create. Shopping for supplies for a new project is the best thing, but not always practical, LOL. Sometimes if I'm really in a rut, one new "toy" can really help, ie some funky chain or a bead/focal in a color that really jazzes me.

  4. Oh Joani,
    Those are all such great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them with me!


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