BTW and Giveaways (oh my!)

While I REALLY don't want to be getting sick, I am feeling the aches and pains that come with it. So, I'm making an attempt to not over-exert myself. Instead, I've focused on some of the simpler tasks. . .like earring-making.

With that in mind, here are some of the items that have graced my craft desk this Bead Table Wednesday
My glitter selection to glitz up some mixed media earrings.
These are the mixed media earrings in question. At least, the front on them!
Here are the same earrings flipped over and wet with sealer (thus the dome to protect them)
The beaded earrings I almost-completed yesterday were pulled out for finishing.
With ear wires added, these nine pairs of earrings are all ready to be photographed.

The Flickr group has more Bead Table Wednesday crack for you!
Bead Table Wednesday

I'm compelled to mention that there are quite a few GIVEAWAYS going on right now.
1. This one comes first since it has the shortest time left on it. . .Lorelei is just giving away four Jade Scott pendants. The catch? You only have 24 hours in which to enter. Go to Lorelei's Blog NOW for a chance to win.
2. Barbe Saint John is having an Industrial Chic giveaway. I LOVE that line from Michael's. If you want to win some of their charms and a booklet, this is your opportunity!
3. Courtney at Beads by Breul is giving away a nice collection of beads. It's mostly seed beads, but if that's your thing; you should totally take a shot at winning.

Lastly, there's something new in the shop!
Night Blooms Bracelet
Off to do as much work/resting as I can at one time. Let's see how that goes!


  1. Can you believe all the giveaways? It's like a fever or something!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I have NO Problem with the giveaways. . .they're all so awesome!

    Back at ya! And, I'm DYING to see your craft room. GAH!

  3. Can't wait to see what those MM earrings look like! Love what I see so far :)

    Giveaways are the best, I agree! (so here's mine! heeee.... )

    And Hope, get thee to Lori's blog STAT! It's *gorgeous*!

  4. Holly,
    We'll see. . .I'm still not sure. I'm hoping to finish them up today as they should finally be dry.

    I'm not sure how I missed YOUR giveaway on my list, but I'll be posting about it today for sure. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

    You mean Lori's blog for Patty's studio? I've just come from there. I'm a little light-headed at the beauty of it all.


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