Having Fun with Tumblr

I'm going to try something new today.
I don't think I've mentioned this, but a while back I got myself a Tumblr blog. If you go to CraftyHope.com that's what you'll see. . .my Tumblr.

When I first signed up for Tumblr, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Since I've been on there I've found it to be a lot of fun and quite inspiring. Tumblr blog posts are as simple as a picture, a quote, a conversation, maybe some text. Overall, it's just eye candy.

I've decided that I'm going to begin "Tumblr Tuesdays" and share some of the beauty and fun I found on Tumblr over each week with you here.
*The links to most of these will take to to the original sites,  but I will not vouch for the stability or character of those sites. I just want to give them their due credit link.*

On Tumblr, I've found other Etsy listings (and inspiring quotes)
Wild Air

Screen caps from some of my favorite movies (and tv shows)
Harry and Ginny

Beautiful photography images
The Beach

Yummy-looking and artful food images
Rainbow cupcake

Fantastic art
Graffiti Cathedral

Decorating inspiration
Porch swings

Other bits of fun
Reading rainbow

I even make posts myself, like the newest listings from my shop
Blooming Buttons Necklace
I've really had a lot of fun playing around on Tumblr.
If you've also got a Tumblr blog, please follow CraftyHope and I'll follow you back! If you don't have one. . .no worries, I plan on sharing some of my favorite Tumblr finds each Tuesday from now on. Of course, I'd love to hear what you think of this new plan.


  1. Oh I love thewheatfield - her pictures are fantastic! Your braver then I - I can not do one more thing - not one more - although I would love to get into pin intrest I've avoided the temptation!

    Happy Tuesday My Friend!

  2. Oh, I really shouldn't do any more things either. . .but Tumblr is a great way to promote my jewelry. You should not have told me about Pin Interest. . .dangit.


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