Do I Dare Begin?

Remember my bead soup blog party partner, Patty? Such a fabulous lady. Her gorgeous sunroom studio was featured on Studio Waterstone. It's just lovely and so very inviting. (Much like Patty herself) 

However, her fabulous craft space, makes me look upon my own craftroom with disdain at the lack of organization and decoration. I mean, I've organized. . .I've decorated. But, there's just not that creative sense of peace that you get when everything is put away so pretty in MATCHING containers and not in old copy paper boxes. 

As I swoon over the cohesion and flow of Patty's bright room, I'm actually considering that I STOP BUYING BEADS (the horror!) and start spending my money and some of my time on finally turning the craftroom into a space I can be proud of. 

I've already spent my whole morning thinking about it and have even reminded Pat about the window seat/storage unit I've always wanted him to build for me. I've got some more thinking to do on this undertaking. I've got some questions to ponder:
  • Do I want to completely rearrange the entire room?
  • What design theme/concept/colors will work best for me?
  • How do I incorporate the bits and pieces of my own that also inhabit the space (collections, documents, filing cabinet, etc)?
  • Is it possible for me to move EVERYTHING out of the space in order to start with a clean slate?
  • How will I balance this project while still being productive?
  • When can I start?
Oh, the possibilities. . .
Thank you Patty for the inspiration and at the same time curse you Patty for the distraction. ;) Here's hoping I can keep the resolve to transform it. Like all my tasks, I'll probably start small and work in stages. Wish me luck!

**On a side note. . ..Somehow yesterday I missed the fact that Holly at SilverRose Designs is ALSO having a giveaway. (to self: Come on Hope, pay attention!) She's offering up a beautiful necklace and earring set. They're in some of my favorite colors too!!

I apologize for the lack of pictures today. I've just got too many images of Patty's studio swimming in my head I guess.


  1. Awww LOL - Thank You so much for all the love!!! I had no idea anyone would think it was that special - I was just happy to have any space at all!!! You are so awesome I know you will crate something fantastic. XOXO ( and I can't wait to see) : D

  2. It's special alright! :D

    I'm working on it. I've already started cleaning out the JUNK. I think that's my biggest constraint. I just have TOO MUCH STUFF!!! So, it looks like I'll be making a few trips to the thrift store to donate as well as to shop. Gracious. . .what have you started?

  3. I could not agree more. I wonder if Patty knew that she would get such feedback - her studio is amazingly inspiring. Happy decorating!

  4. Lori, Patty's just to modest for her own good!

  5. Hope, I'm right there with you on Patty's studio being a huge inspiration! I've been thinking the same thoughts as you :) If and when you do take the plunge, would you share your process with us? I think half the fun of a job like this is seeing it progress through it's stages! :)

    Oh, and thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway, too!

  6. Holly,
    First off. . .you're very welcome.

    Secondly, I might just do that. Of course, I've already kinda started. However, it will definitely give me some topics for my blog. . .hmmm. Thanks Holly!

  7. Patty's room is so gorgeous and inspirational! I am sure a lot of us will be looking at our studio spaces with a different eye.
    How about a "before" photo before you progress?
    I have a TINY shed in my backyard and have been longing for a larger space for ages......

  8. Jenni -
    That's a good idea. I'll have to take one tomorrow. Of course, I've already started it a little (but not really enough to make a difference.)

  9. Stop buying beads? Take stuff TO the thrift shop? Did my husband send you? LOL. Seriously, I am in a very similar, very cluttered boat.

  10. Joani,
    Ha ha ha!!
    I'll have to stop buying beads in order to afford buying decorating and/or organizing materials AND, I'm usually taking stuff to the thrift store all the time anyway (usually to make room for new stuff. . .)

    I've let myself get WAY TOO Cluttered. It's time to get the load off my back!


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