Do What You Love

Have you heard the old wives tale that whatever you do the first of the year you'll be doing all year long? I have and do take stock in some of those. You know, just in case. However, I really like the way Tim Holtz put it yesterday.  Basically, he said that you should be "starting the year off doing what you love." I tried to make sure that happened.
So, my New Years Day included

Ringing in the new year with the "ball" drop at MyPlace in downtown Fairhope

Alabama football (ROLL TIDE!!)
A few great meals
Bacon and cheese omelet, wheat toast, and fresh strawberries
My attempt at Hoppin John and a spinach salad (with strawberries, carrots, walnuts, and poppy seed dressing)
Minimal cleaning
Tweeting and reading blogs
Listing a new item in the shop
Sweet Tooth Necklace
 Spending time with the love of my life and our kitties
Nine pairs of earrings (the pic doesn't do them all justice)
Making lists (like this one)
Keeping our blinds open all day to watch the rain storming outside
And generally enjoying ourselves

Now that the storms have passed, I'm hoping we'll actually make it out into the world today to enjoy it as well.
Oh, and for a funny. . .here's what I looked like on the last night of 2010 

I hope your first day was just as FABULOUS!!


  1. Happy New Year, Hope! I love your blog, and I LOVE your work. I finally got to buy some of your stuff a few days ago and I haven't taken it off since it came--very speedily, by the way. I can't stop staring at the dictionary bracelet. You're a creative genius and an inspiration to me! New years' hugs! Joani in Colorado

  2. Joani - I'm so very glad to hear how much you like the bracelet and earrings. You make me blush, and that's hard to do! **HUGS** right back at ya!!


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