Combining Wednesday and Thursday Posts

I've been a whirlwind of activity the past few days. I spent two nights celebrating my mom's birthday with her and the rest of the family. Yet, mostly, I've been trying to get the house in some semblance of order. However, Tuesday afternoon pulled me into the craft room with the lure of polymer clay. It's been a while since I played with the clay and I needed some new beads in my stash, so I got to work. The polymer clay action bled all the way into Wednesday.

In all, it was a simple process to up my stash of polymer clay beads. I just grabbed some already-conditioned clay from the last time the nieces played with it. I simply rolled out a variety of beads and also used some mokume gane to cover scrap clay. The non-mokume gane beads were textured and coated with some PearlEx Powder. As well, I made a few flat pieces and stamped them. (I'll share pictures of those once I'm happy with their paint jobs.) I snapped pictures with my phone during the process and even used Instagram to capture the images that I used for Bead Table Wednesday on Flickr. {I'm sharing those pics plus a few additional here today}
I just love to use PearlEx powder to make polymer clay all shiny!

A new pair of earrings wound up in the shop the other day.
Got a Little Swing Earrings

That covers what needed to be posted on Wednesday.
For Thursday, let me just share some links.

~*Crafty Links*~
topic: clothes (which means sewing. . .and most of these are a reuse/recycle project too)

Since most of those projects were thrifty, I'm not going to share anything additional for Thrifty Thursday today. I want to get back into the craft room and get some more work done instead!


  1. You gotta love that Pearl EX! It really is an amazing product isn't it? A few years ago I had hesitated before buying it because it seemed so expensive. But finally caved after wanting it so badly for my polymer clay beads. I should never have hesitated. I have used it a ton and you can hardly even tell that it has been used. Definitely worth the price!

  2. Cindy - You're so right! I was hesitant too, but have since bought both of the selections of it (with my 40% off coupon of course)
    There's no way of telling with mine either that it's been used. And I use it for all kinds of stuff, not just PC.

  3. Well no surprise I love it too - it's crafting crack!!! Love those beads - great job! I have to get one of those bead holders. That bowl looks like candy : )

  4. Thanks Patty! I'm just enjoying staring at them right now.


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