What's Going on in My Beady World

Over the weekend Lori at Pretty Things sent me an e-mail letting me know she had paired me up with Patty at My Life Under the Bus for the Bead Soup Blog Party. Since then, I've been consumed with thinking about what to send to Patty. I sent out her package this morning and that definitely frees up my mind some. You should totally check out Patty's blog (as noted above), her Etsy Shop (The Junquerie), and LIKE her on Facebook. So far, she's been a ton of fun to e-mail. I just hope she likes and can work with the goodies I sent her.

I put up a couple of new things in the shop, and one of them sold just about as soon as it was listed. It was one of my favorites and something I was holding on to because I wasn't sure I wanted to let it go. (And GO it did!) Even though it should be in it's new loving home by now, I still want to share some pictures of one of my newest ventures. . .JUNK necklaces. The sold one was named "One Woman's Junk" and was made of bits of old jewelry, some beads, a bell, a tiny jar of glitter, shells, and other bits and pieces that seemed to just come together.

I've got another junk necklace mostly made. Hopefully it will take less time for me to list it than the last one did!

Also, I've listed this necklace
Off Balance Necklace

In addition, a few more items were moved into the ON SALE section of the shop.
Pushing My Buttons Bracelet
Isn't It Grape Necklace

Lastly, here's a reminder to enter the GIVEAWAY for the earring holder and earrings. Remember to get your entries in before Friday!


  1. :O
    So pretty!

    So um HAI! I'm Eeshie! I just wanna say that ur blog ROCKS.

    Here's mine:


    Take a looksy if u can, and if you like it, then follow me! THX! (btw, i love the bracelets!!)

  2. Oh I can't wait!!! I have to dig out and send you yours : ) Congrats on the sale !!!

  3. Those are GORGEOUS!! I used to bead like crazy when I was in high school, and still have all of my beading stuff in a box in the basement. I need to pull it out and start teaching Ali how to bead... she loves crafts like that!

  4. Those are GREAT pieces of jewelery!! What a great blog! You are very creative!

    :) Alli


  5. Oh - thank you all so much!!!

    Rachel - you totally should! I started my nieces off early with crafting and that's all they want to do with me now.


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