Bead Soup Bead Reveal and more

After a quick trip to the craft stores yesterday, I returned home happy with my purchases and with a project in mind. However, that plan QUICKLY changed course when I checked my mail.

It had come (early at that). . .the package from Patty for the Bead Soup Blog Party
I had to remind myself to stay calm and not tear into the package like a wild gorilla.Instead, I grabbed my camera and went about things in as orderly fashion as possible.
First I oohed and aah-ed over the TAPE she had on the outside of the box. . .fancy!
Carefully, I opened the box to find a rather large, but beautifully stamped, envelope blocking my view
Flipped over, I got an eyeful of the envelope's gorgeous stamped front and the other treasures awaiting below.
Since I had decided to behave, I opened the envelope first to find this simply amazing card.
Look at the details; the soldered pendant, they key, the beads, and the button. It's many of the things that make me happiest in life. I was salivating! Patty, how did you know? I could have stopped right there happy as a clam. But, I delved further into the box . . .

to find this lovely array of coordinating packaging and eye candy.
A decision had to be made. Starting with the blue-green box, I slipped off the delicate ribbon and lifted the lid to find...a bunch of little packages! TWO layers of them!
I opened each of the SIX mini treasures like they were the most delicate items ever. I examined each item, rolling them around in my hands, savoring the gift.
Once they were all opened, I got an eyeful of them all together.
A ceramic focal and matching hearts, a copper toggle clasp, copper rings and dragonflies, agate beads, wood beads, and nut beads. . . oh my!!

Yet, there was still MORE in the big box. How could that be?
I next went to a long, cylindrical package
As I opened it, an ooooohhhh escaped my lips.
Before my eyes was some of the coolest copper chain I've ever seen, tied up with another ribbon.

And, there was still MORE to be opened.
I reached back into the box, and lifted this heavy-ish block with Patty's card tied on
Peeking at me from under the ribbon was another tiny, lovely key (starting to feel a little spoiled here)
Inside was a bar of fancy soap. Not sure what she's implying, but I will admit that I do like fancy soaps!

Again, I peeked in the box to find yet another package tied up with string (one of my favorite things ;) )
Inside was some beautiful jasper with a matte finish.
Let me admit (I've already told Patty) that I had bought these SAME beads on the shopping trip from which I had just returned. As such, the sight of these beads in the package seriously made my give out my loudest chuckle.

Finally, I had come to the last package in the box. (I was starting to wonder if this was Mary Poppins' no-bottom bag.) 
Upon opening this piece, I let out an audible GASP. You would too if you were given this beauty.

And so ended the production that was my opening the box from my first ever Bead Soup Blog Party partner.
For reference (and for my picture on the Bead Soup Blog Party Flickr page), here's most everything together (minus the soap and the card).
And a few closer looks!
As I've already stated, I can't believe how much Patty spoiled me.
There was SO MUCH in this package to love down to the string, ribbon, and book pages she used to wrap each and every item! Of course, you can bet that the scavenger that I am is saving all these beautiful bits to work into other pieces!
Patty even sent me TWO focals. Of course, that means I have to make a decision about which one to use for the party. However, YOU'll just have to wait for the reveal day (Feb 26) to see what I decide to do with these goodies. 

I'll share this ONE picture with you of what I sent Patty.
Weirdly similar huh?
Lori, our Party host at Pretty Things, tried to pair each of us up with someone distinctly different from us. Patty and I have laughed at how similar our packages are. We were both attempting to send each other a more "natural and earthy palette" from what we thought the others' typical style was. Well, great minds think alike!
Patty is sharing even more pictures of the bead soup I sent her on her blog, My Life Under the Bus
As recommended before, you should totally check out Patty's blog and shop,The Junquerie. She makes some of the most beautiful things.

Before I hurry into to the craft room to play with the goodies Patty sent, let me share the new earrings in MY shop.
Music to My Earrings

Lastly, since it is Feel Good Friday and I'm already giddy about my prezzies I'll share some fun with you.
  • This printable free compliments page is very cute and could make your or someone else's day.
  • Cute video alert!!                                         
Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend ahead!


  1. So many pretties! You were definitely in heaven.

  2. Haha - everything looks bigger on the computer! I am so glad you liked everything - I bought a set of that jasper for myself too! : P I am so happy to get to know you - I can't wait to see what you make : ). ...and really I just love good soap! XOXO Patty

  3. Between the two of us, we should have plenty of jasper then!!
    I know, I can't wait to see what I make either. haha! Or you either. I'm sure whatever you make will be FAB!
    I'm still formulating. I can't believe we've got almost a month to complete it. Knowing me, I'll wait until the last minute. But, no soap necklaces, I promise!

  4. Wow- that's amazing! Count me jealous! Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Erin-
    I was very lucky! I'm going to have a good time with that stash!!

  6. Beautiful Stash. Looking forward to your design.

  7. First of all -- present heaven! How awesome a package!!!! Love all of the beads! And you can make more than one thing, ya know.....

    Second -- were you two sisters in a different life, because you both think alike! :-)

  8. What a totally beautiful and generous package. I love the care that was given to putting it all together so artistically.Lovely card.

  9. What a fantastic selection of beads from Patty! I'd say you were spoiled! :-) I love it..right down to the personalized packaging.

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments, but all the praise should be bestowed upon Patty. She did a wonderful job picking it all out. Spoiled is an understatement.

    She sent me so much I have plenty for a FEW projects. One is already completed. Can't wait to show it off!!

  11. Wow Hope ~ You really did get a little treasure chest there. Your bead partner did a beautiful job selecting and creatively packaging everything. I'm glad you restrained the gorrila instincts, and savoured the moments. Looking forward to seeing what you put together! Lisa :)

  12. Thanks for visiting Lisa! I actually had another idea yesterday about some of the items. Might hop on that today actually!


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