Rain Delay

I spent yesterday trying to get back into the swing of everyday life after such a nice break of enjoying myself. So, I did the grocery shopping, and started the laundry, and made meals, and took pictures, and wrote descriptions. AND, it's a good thing I did most of that yesterday because, boy is it UGLY today. We awoke to rain beating against the window, thunder and lightening, and cloudy skies. While I just love a good rainstorm, they do little for my motivation, unless I need to be motivated to take a nap.

I do have a few tasks that MUST be done today, and I totally want to work on some projects in the craft room. So here's hoping I can keep my eyelids up!

Whether it's ugly where you are or not, let me go ahead and share some pretties. Here are some of the items that will be expiring in the shop in the next few days.
Happy Wish Bracelet - EXPIRES SATURDAY
Smile Cupcake Pendant - EXPIRES FRIDAY
Brown Button Boogie Necklace - EXPIRES SATURDAY
Whimsy Youth Collage Pendant - EXPIRES SUNDAY
I know that the bracelet has been favorited a few times. . . and all of these items are ON SALE. So, if you're interested you better grab them while you can.

As well, check out the newest earrings in the shop
Jump Stack Earrings

I better go ahead and share some links while I'm here! ;)
~*Crafty Links*~
No particular theme, just the top ones on my list
Wild, Wild Web Wednesday
  •  What if Tim Burton re-made weekend at bernie's? Weird, but it definitely has that Tim Burton feel  

That's it for me today. Gotta make an effort. MUST.NOT.NAP!


  1. Thanks Hope for the link to my post on Textures for Polymer Clay. I appreciate that! I sure love your jewelry style. It has such a happy vibe to it. Do you also add polymer clay to your work? It would suit it quite nicely!

  2. Cindy -
    Thanks so much for visiting!
    I try to make all my jewelry fun and bright. Happy is a good word for it!
    I do use PC in my work. I like variety. I tend to just make simple shaped beads with polymer clay, but have dabbled in canes and whatnot. I'm kinda all over the place with my crafting. Mixed media suits me well! :) Come back again!


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