Organizing My Jewelry for Sale

I've been struggling for a bit to figure out a way to organize the jewelry that I have for sale.
Since I opened the shop, I've just been hanging the pieces from my three-hook Hope decoration.
However, it made it very hard to get to the items when they sold as I had to take everything in front of it off and then put it all back. So complicated! I knew there had to be a better way.

Inspiration came in the new way I've been packaging my orders.
So, I took these supplies
scrap cardboard, miscellaneous papers, ornament hooks, drying rack
Watercolors and water soluble pastels

as well as some hole punches, scissors, gel medium, and paint brushes.

I cut to cardboard to the size needed

Glued the paper to the cardboard with gel medium and trimmed off the excess

Decorated the paper with either water soluable pastels or watercolors (though any decoration would work)

Punched holes and/or cut slits to hold the jewelry before using an ornament hook to hang the jewelry

And what, praytell, did I hang them on? Well, drying racks that I hung on the wall.

These new displays not only make it easier to get to the jewelry, but really add a spark of color to this area of my craft room.

Having the jewelry already on the cardboard displays also makes shipping out the items much easier since this step is already DONE.Yay for organization!!

So what do you think? How would you have done this? Shoot. . .how ARE you organizing your jewelry for sale? I'm pretty happy with this method so far, but wonder if there's some way to improve upon it. Please share!

While I've got your attention, let me mention the necklace I listed yesterday.
Rainbow Chain Necklace

It's getting late, so let me share some links quickly!
Christmas Links
It's Margarita Friday and I'm itching to spend some time with my husband. Y'all have a great weekend!

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