Getting My Craft Bag Back On

It's been a while since I mentioned what's in my "Craft Bag." I've come to realize that now that I'm no longer traveling to and from a regular desk job anymore the need to have a craft project (or two) with me at all times has dwindled.
I'm working full time now as a crafter/artist.
I'm surrounded by and inundated with craft projects that must be done to feed my shop.
I don't create for pleasure and leisure anymore, but yet it's still a pleasure to create.
I've heard that when you start doing what you love for a living, sometimes it becomes more of a chore. That hasn't happened to me yet and here's hoping it doesn't either.

I think I've strayed off topic. I was talking about my craft bags. Well, while there's been a shortage in need for them, today I actually packed up a quick one to take my youngest niece to the Dentist. I don't wait well so I always need something to occupy myself while I wait. This craft bag was short and sweet. Basically, I scooped up much of what was on the craft desk yesterday along with some wire, pliers, and head pins and tossed it in a bag.

As well, I grabbed my newest copies of Stringing and Belle Armoire Jewelry, a notebook, and the iPad (to write this.) I was prepared!! So yeah, I crafted in public and I love it. However, I found it odd that I didn't get any stares or sideways glances with the pile of pliers and wire in my lap. I guess people at the pediatric dentist office are more polite than I thought...

Of course, THIS TIME I actually had my business cards with me and wanted some inquiries. Last week Pat and I made it out to lunch where the waitress asked about the soldered collage necklace I was wearing. She even had another waitress come over to check out the pendant. While she was mostly interested in the process and materials for making one, I could have directed her to my blog and/or shop of I had only had those darn card with me. I've learned my lesson.

Speaking of directing people to my shop, I listed this necklace this morning.

Head over to the shop for more info on it.

On a side note, I really need to work on my HTML skills so I can include links in these iPad posts!

For now, let's see if this method works any...
*~Crafty Links~* (theme is General)
1. Making paper on flickr
2. Make dorset buttons with o-rings and embroidery thread
3. Make fabric buttons with o-rings, fabric, embroidery thread, and felt
4. Transform holiday tins
5. DIY screen printing

Wild, Wild Web Wednesday
1. I've got a waffle iron I've used only minimally. However, these unusual waffle recipes may remedy that: ---waffled pizza pockets -  ---Also, check out wafflizer -  ---AND you can even make better less messy bacon in a waffle iron
2. Magic dots - this is not really a game but a fun little time waster. Just select "Balls 2" and then move cursor over the colored dots - again and again! Pretty too!
3. These realistic cartoon characters are pretty creepy.

Maybe once I get home I can fix these links. Sorry for now! Gotta get my learn on!
I fixed some of the ugliness that was on this page on Thursday morning. Be glad if you missed it!

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