Mirror Re-Do (Thrifty Thursday)

It's super late so let's see if I can make this quick!
It's Thrifty Thursday so I'm going to show you how I took a thrift store mirror and transformed/altered/made it my own. It's a really simple project.

Pat and I had talked about finding an old window frame and replacing the glass with mirror. When I found this for $3.00 I snatched it up.

To give it the aged look we wanted, I decided to crackle it. So I taped off the mirror.
Lightly painted it a brown
I then applied crackle medium and a coat of white. [You should follow the instructions on your bottle of crackle medium.] The pictures really don't do it justice.

For an added couple of notes (and some more semi-pretty pictures) Let's move on
I made White Chicken Enchiladas via The Pioneer Woman's recipe and while I seriously made a mess in the kitchen. . .they were SO GOOD!! So worth the mess!

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For some more DIY Home Decor related projects here are a few
Crafty Links
I think that's all for now. Tomorrow's the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I sooooo need to figure out what I'm going to be doing for it. What are your plans?

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