Simple Notes (& TT)

I kinda let loose yesterday, huh? Sorry about that.
How about today I just do a simple list of what's going on:
-I'm getting to work from home today. That means that I'll take some short (5 min) breaks every 45 minutes or so to get the laundry, dishes, and house picked up.
-I put a roast in the crockpot earlier and now that's all I can think about. It better be good.
-My cat (Asia) is driving us crazy. She walks around the house just meowing over and OVER and over and OVER.
-The dang laptop keeps losing internet connection and makes it hard for me to get any work accomplished. Grrrrrr.
-It's really nice to have Twitter on days like today. That way, I can still feel connected to other people, without having to actually interact with them. (Yes, I know I'm a tad antisocial.)
-I use three feed readers to manage the blogs I read: one for work, one personal that I read daily, and one for blogs I just want to remember to check in on from time to time. Is this obsessive? I do want to mention that my daily personal one includes 222 blogs, divided into 14 different categories.
-I may have an internet addiction.

It's 'Techie Tuesday," when I share some of the geeky-interest items from the internet and elsewhere:
  • Here's a font-like movie-geek quiz. See if you can recognize the movie from just a single letter of the font from the movie poster. I didn't do great, but I did get a few of them. Now, you try.
  • And for some more fun, try this little game - Switch. There is a tutorial. Beware, it can be addictive.
  • I really enjoy those "I Love the World" commercials from the Discovery Channel. Here's one a group did on their own:
  • This online tool will help you oldify your pictures. It's all in chinese or japanese, but it's pretty self-explanatory. I did it with a picture from my nieces' birthday party in April.

Let me know if Tuesday's topics don't interest you at all. I've been thinking of doing something else on Tuesdays. Lemmie know!!

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