I'm Baaaaaack!! (& ThTh)

I apologize for being so quiet over here in my corner of the blogosphere. I have many reasons. I had full intentions of posting on Halloween. However, I ended up getting sick and laying on the couch all afternoon and then went to my mama's to see my nieces and other family and kids for the holiday.

I also know that with the election going on, y'all had more important issues to attend to than my lil' ole blog. I've always been a peace-keeper. I had my own views about how the election should go, but because many people that are close to me had other views, I decided to leave the election out of my blog posts, rather than starting debates. I am glad that the election is over and look forward to what awaits the country with our new president.

I want to make sure this post gets up, so let me go ahead and share just a few things. Do you remember the contest I won? Here's how my prize was packaged (too cute!)
And, here's my awesome winter dove bead. I LOVE it!!
It is "Thrifty Thursday" so let me share a few links before I get out of here:Lastly is something I REALLY have been wanting to share. Here's the completed Halloween Pin-Up necklace I made (remember the hint?)
For complete details on how I made it, head over to my Fairy Creative site.

That's all for now. I hope I can make it back tomorrow. And, I hope you do too!!


Thanks for stopping by! It means so very much to me. I love to hear what you have to say.

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